How To Install Stremio in 2021

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a type of media center application that works similar to that of Kodi and Plex. Since it’s release Stremio has gained a lot of popularity within the cord cutting community.

With the use of third-party add-ons, users can turn Stremio into one of the best streaming apps around! Users can easily gain access to high-quality streams similar to that of Real-debrid.


There’s one key difference between Stremio and other similar apps; BitTorrent. Most of the addons used in Stremio use BitTorrent technology. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing there is one key element that does bring up some concern.

When using BitTorrent technology your IP address is made public. When you stream a link using this technology your IP address is broadcasted to other users just as their IP address is accessible to you!

So how can you protect your IP address?

In order to protect your IP address from being broadcasted to other users we highly recommend users connect through a VPN.

Using a VPN will mask your IP address thus making it nearly impossible for someone to track you. Here at Myfirestreams we ALWAYS recommend users connect through a VPN every time you stream.

Your ISP is always watching your online activities and if you get caught you can expect a letter from your ISP or even from an online watchdog group that monitors this type of activity.

One of the best VPN providers for Amazon devices is IPVanish. IPVanish not only offers some of the fastest VPN speeds around but they offer 100% privacy! IPVanish does NOT keep data logs of your online activities like some other VPN providers do.

These logs can be used against you! So when selecting a VPN provider you always want to make sure they do not keep any type of activity log from your account!

Not protected? You can visit IPVanishes website to get started. Once you have successfully set up your IPVanish account, check back here to see our IPVanish install guide for Amazon Fire devices.

How to install Stremio:

The Stremio apk has already been added to our Myfirestreams Easy Builder app. You can now directly download this app using our app store and get it setup in just a matter of minutes.

Part One:

  • Get the Myfirestreams Easy Builder App
  • Open Filelinked
  • Enter the code 76394002
  • Click Continue
  • The Myfirestream Easy Builder App will now open
  • Scroll down to the Must Have Amazon Apps category
  • Locate and click on Stremio
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Click Stremio once more to start the install process
  • Click install
  • Wait for the install to finish
  • Click Done
  • Return to the Fire TV home screen
  • Using the Amazon Fire TV remote hold the home button for 3-5 sec. Select Apps
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and highlight Stremio
  • Using the Amazon Fire TV remote press the three line button and select Move to Front
  • Return to the Fire TV home screen and open Stremio
  • Congrats you have successfully installed Stremio! Enjoy

Part Two:

  • Before you begin using Stremio make sure you connect to your VPN!
  • Open Stremio
  • An announcement post will show up asking if you want to send error report. Click Not Now
  • On the Login page click Log In
  • Scroll down and click Guest Login
  • Stremio will now open
  • We now need to add the Torrentio addon
  • Click the 3 line button in the top left corner
  • Click Add-ons
  • Select the Search button from the top right corner
  • Type in Torrentio
  • Click next
  • When the torrentio addon appears click install
  • If prompted click install again
  • Congrats Stremio is now setup and running using the Torrentio addon. Your Torrentio links will appear under the “paid” links when you select a movie and show.
Legal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. Myfirestreams does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by Myfirestreams and this guide is for educational purposes only. Myfirestreams Disclaimer

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