Strix Now Available In The Amazon App Store?

From time to time certain apps can make their way through the approval process and into the Amazon App Store. Strix somehow made their way into the Amazon App Store today and as of now it’s still active.

For those of you who don’t already know, Strix is an APK that allows the streaming of free Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, and more. This content is most certainly not legal and it’s extremely shocking it was able to make its way into the App Store.

So how did Strix make it into the App Store?

There is really no good explanation other than it was an error. However, when you look into the Strix Apps description on the Amazon App Store it reads

This Application will show an example of a project to show moving between activities.

We can only guess that this helped get this app approved an into the App Store.

App not working?

When users search on the Amazon App Store for “Strix” they are presented with the option to download the official app. Upon launching the Strix App users must enter in a “random” 6 digit code to proceed to the next step.

After entering in a random code users are taken to an activity where they must watch a 10min video clip using the Exo Media Player. This action will not take you any furuther thus making it seem as though the app is broken.

This is far from the truth! If you enter the proper code in the beginning you will gain access to the full app and all of its content.

So how do you get the code?

Getting the code to Strix is not a hard process. All you need to do is to head over to their official website and you will easily find the code on their homepage with only a few scrolls down.

To view this information for yourself head over to their website by visiting the link below.

We are most certainly sure that Amazon will catch on to this error soon enough. Expect this free streaming app to be promptly removed from the Amazon App Store in the next few days if not sooner.

Still, want to get Strix? Using the link above you can learn how to install Strix on any Android device including the Amazon Firestick.

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