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Get Live TV With VUit App (Fire TV Guide)

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VUit is a new app that offers its users local news and more. The VUit app has a wide verity of local news stations from all across the country.

The VUit service is currently offering over 200 stations from around the country with more coming in the near future.

For anyone looking for local news channels this app makes for the perfect addition to your current streaming setup.

With many IPTV providers not offering local channels in your area this app makes for the perfect IPTV addition. You can easily switch between your main IPTV app and VUit to catchup on your local news, featured shows, playlists, and events.

For a full list of channels, featured shows, and more check out the VUit website.

How to get the VUit app on Amazon Fire devices

Vuit can easily be installed on most devices directly through the device’s app store.

Currently, VUit support the following devices
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
To get VUit installed on your Amazon Fire device simply follow the steps below.
  1. On your Amazon Fire device select the search icon
  2. Type in and select VUit
  3. Locate the VUit app under the Apps & Games category
  4. Click Get
  5. After clicking on Get, wait for the download to finish
  6. Once the download finishes click Open or Launch Now
  7. You should now be able to see the VUit homepage where you can easily select local stations near you.
  8. Enjoy!


Is the VUit app free?

YES! VUit is 100% free for everyone

How can I tell if my local channels are offered?

You can easily get a list of your local channels by visiting the VUit website.

Can I use a VPN with VUit?

You can use a VPN however if you’d like access to your local channels it is suggested that you bypass this app in IPVanish or turn off the VPN.

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