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As you may already know here at Myfirestreams we offer both standard and premium website accounts. Our standard accounts are general website user accounts that enable you the benefit of faster commenting and allow you to view certain limited locked content made strictly for subscribers.

We also offer premium website accounts that allow you full access to all of our content. These premium website accounts only require a one time fee in order to gain access.

We do wish that we could offer all content for free, however some of the content we have created took extra time and effort to create. For this reason we lock this content to only our paid users.

Moving forward

With so much uncertainty in the IPTV world, most providers are wanting to remain hidden. For this reason, we have decided that moving forward we will lock this content to only our premium website members.

Although the posts, reviews, guides, information ect. that we post in regards to IPTV are made readily available elsewhere we do respect the wishes of these IPTV providers to remain hidden.

So from here on out all IPTV content posted on Myfirestreams will be strictly for our Premium Website Members only. This does NOT include services like Sling, Hulu, etc. That content will remain public for anyone to access with or without an account.

If you are someone who wishes to stay up to date on the latest news and information regarding IPTV then now is the time to consider upgrading your website account.

We also have a wide variety of other premium content that you may be interested in as well. For a full list of our premium content please check out the Premium Content page.

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