IPTV not working

Streams For Us IPTV Not Working?

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Cutting the cord made easy

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Charles Curtis

friggin’ bullshit…. total government overreach…. we are going thru hell and these idiots are worrying about iptv providers? wtf is wrong with them… i’m sooo sick of this shit… ahh,hell the government can’t even control the rioting assholes and blm or antifa… but gotta fuck with this shit?

Lvpre Lvpre

True…they should be focusing on other things right now; however, IPTV is a very grey area. Paying ~$10 a month sure beats cable and it basically pays for itself if you watch one PPV. IPTV will always be a cat and mouse game…that’s just the nature of it.

Be lucky and thankful that WatchYa is willing to find a new resell service and giving customers updated info…many places just leave you high and dry.


I think it’s done and not coming back. Their website won’t even come up anymore. Guess I’m shopping for another, again. Any ideas, 2 tv’s, decent price.