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TVZion Ordered To Shutdown? Is This The End?

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Earlier this month several streaming providers faced takedown notices from the Global anti-piracy group ACE. As you are probably already aware Streams for us IPTV was one of these companies and now it looks as though TVZion is facing the same fate.

TVZion since its release has gained a ton of popularity over the past couple of years. So much so that the developer added their own “Zion Club” to the platform, offering its users better quality links similar to that of Real-Debrid.

For some, TVZion has been their go-to streaming app for both Movies and TV shows. This Netflix style app made for a flawless and easy experience. No matter how great the app seemed to be it looks as though the developer is in for quite the battle.

TVZion hit with cease and desist?

From reliable sources, it has been reported that several members of team Zion have been hit with cease and desist letters. This notice requires that TVZion shut down all social media accounts and support accounts.

Furthermore, TVZion must transfer all domains attached to their services. This includes four different domains and all trademarks related to TVZion. It was reported that after the transfer is complete the rights holders are eligible for all rights related to the domains.

Since the cease and desist letters were sent out several members of the Zion team have left without any notice. It was reported that the developer was unaware of what was taking place. Below you can see a comment from the developer regarding this situation.

“I am as surprised as you are. But it’s possibly a burn out issue and this has happened before with the last group. They worked a lot on those groups, attending to everyone, defending when they faced toxic people, it’s possible that they are just burnt out and just wanted out.”

TVZion Developer

Without any statement regarding the takedown notices, it seems as though the developer is still planning on carrying on with their service. How long TVZion will remain active is unclear at this point.

TVZion Support

As of now, the TVZion support pages are down and there’s currently no way of contacting them. Their main website is still up and running although several others are reporting DNS errors.

The Zion Club has been showing out of stock since this happened. From the looks of things based on their website, it seems as though they may be heading towards ending their services. Time will only tell.

It is highly advised that anyone using TVZion (which currently is still running) proceed with caution.

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TVZion Update 9/15/20

As of now, TVZion has fully shutdown. After users began reporting that TVZion is no longer working we were able to see the following message on their main website.

Looking at the recent events, to protect the moderators, I have decided to shut down the app.

ZC members, thank you for your continued support all this time and I am truly sorry if I have let you down.

But we need to protect the moderators that have provided this community so much support selflessly for absolutely nothing in return and at least as the developer it is now my duty to return the favor and ensure their well being.

It has been such a pleasure to have you all as a community but it is time for me say good bye.


When visiting their website today users will be presented with a 404 error message as the website is no longer in service.

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