Syncler APK Install Guide For Firestick/Fire TV Devices

The Syncler APK looks extremely close to TVZion which was ultimately shutdown. The resemblance of these two apps is almost perfect which leads us to believe that Syncler is a clone/fork of the once-popular TVZion.

Although the resemblance is mere perfect the Syncler app does work completely different than that of TVZion.


This app is currently still being developed and there are limitations as to how you can access the streaming content. Currently, there is only two way to stream using Syncler. In this guide, we will be discussing how you can install provider packages and setup your Real-debrid account.

The developer of Syncler is planning on adding 3rd party support for additional add-ons. That will make the app similar to that of Kodi allowing users more control and options.

Additionally, the developer of the Syncler APK is currently in talks with the developer of TVZion. Syncler hopes to be able to retain TVZion’s Zionclub members for a free subscription.

With all of the negativity that was brought down on TVZion this move will be something that should be watched closely. Developers of these types of APK’s are coming under attack and as a result, they are ultimately being shut down. Syncler looking to link up with what TVZion already had in place could result in the same actions for Syncler. Time will only tell.

For now, If you were a TVZion user or Zionclub member and have been looking for a similar service then you may wish to checkout Syncler APK. Below you will find the install guide on how to get and setup Syncler.

How To Get Syncler APK

The Syncler app can be installed directly through their website or by using Filelinked.

To get Syncler using Filelinked simply follow the steps below.

  • Open Filelinked on your Amazon device
  • To download this app from Syncler use the Filelinked Code 52358658
  • Once you have the app installed proceed to the next guide on how to setup Syncler. Please ensure that you follow all steps or this app will not work.

How To Setup Syncler

Ensure that you follow the steps in this guide completely or the Syncler APK will not work. This app does take some time to set up and as it currently stands it is not as simple to set up as TVZion was.

Syncler+ Trial

  • Launch Syncler and open settings from the left side menu. Click Syncler+
  • Choose Enter Code
  • Click to Enter Sycnler+ Code
  • Type S+ and click Next
  • Enter a device name and click Next again
  • Your account is now authorized!

Syncler Real-Debrid Authorization

  • Open the Settings Menu and choose Accounts
  • Select real-debrid
  • Write down or remember the provided code
  • Visit and enter code from the previous step
  • You will see a message appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that your Real-Debrid account has been added.

Setting up Syncler APk

  • From the home screen, launch the menu bar and click Settings
  • Scroll down to select Provider packages
  • Choose Express
  • You are then prompted with an authorization code. Write down or remember this code
  • Visit and enter the provided code from the previous step and click Next
    • You must click next and not hit enter on your keyboard to advance to the next step.
  • Next, we will insert a Provider file.
    • Enter
  • Click Done
  • Return to the application where you will then see package installed message
  • You should now be able to access your content. Enjoy.
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