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PS5/Xbox Series X

Easily Get a PS5 or Xbox Series X Console in 2021

Do you want to know when retailers release new stock for the PS5 or Xbox Series X? Tired of missing out on these random drops? Learn the best-kept secret for finding out when these popular retailers release new stock.

By using this method you will instantly increase your chances of landing one of the new hottest items on this year’s market.


Don’t waste time switching through multiple retailer websites trying to hunt down these popular consoles. With this proven method, you are guaranteed to know exactly when new stock gets released.

Even better, when new stock is released you get a working link directly to the products page where you can immediately add it to your cart for checkout!

New Consoles selling out instantly? Can’t get a PS5 or Xbox Series X?

By now you have probably seen that getting your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X is near impossible. With retailers selling out instantly, many customers are left scratching their heads as to where to obtain one.

Like many, you are probably spending countless hours browsing through numerous websites keeping a close eye for that “sold out” to switch to “add to cart”.

Besides the issues with “bots” that are hitting retailers like Walmart hard during these releases, learn how other customers are able to get their hands on one with this proven method.

How to get the PS5 or Xbox Series X in 2021

What if we were to tell you that you can instantly get notified the very moment new stock gets released? Do you think your chances will increase in getting one? Absolutely!

The best-kept secret is not an employee leaking information but it’s merely a website that will instantly notify you when new stock is released.

When new hot items get released each year many customers turn to the best-kept secret Nowinstock to get notified. Nowinstock is probably one of the greatest secrets to improving your success in getting new hot items.

Through the Nowinstock website, customers can easily set up notifications on browsers, email, and even text alerts.

The Nowinstock website monitors online retailer’s websites to see when products come in stock or up for pre-order. As soon as the Nowinstock website learns that new stock is available they will instantly notify you by the notification methods you select.

Once a notification is sent, it will include a direct link to that product’s page. Using that link you can instantly add the newly released product to your cart and begin checkout! Keep in mind that some retailers especially now are adding wait times to their newly released stock. Although the link that is provided will directly take you to the products page, you may find that you have to wait before you can add that item to your cart.

How to get Nowinstock?

Getting setup with Nowinstock so that you can get your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X is a very easy process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Simply head over to where you can create a user account. Once you have created a new account you will need to add alerts.

To add news alerts, simply browse through their product tracking menu to find the product you would like to receive alerts for. Once you land on that products alert page you will see a list of retailers and their current stock level.

Above that information look for “Add/Manage Alerts”. Click on Add/Manage alerts. This will take you to your alert page where you can set up custom alerts for the selected product.

Scroll down the website and you will see a list of available alerts. Click “Add Item” beside each retailer you would like to get an alert for. Be sure to turn on (Make Green) each type of alert you would like to receive. Once these alerts are green you are good to go. As soon as the new stock gets released you will instantly be notified by the notification methods you selected.

Does it work? YES!

Nowinstock will greatly increase your chances of landing a new PS5 or Xbox Series X console this year. Sony is currently reporting that they are completely out of stock and when it will become available again no one really knows.

There are several retailers that do still have stock available as we recently saw with Best Buy’s surprise release on 11/22. Amazon, Target, and Walmart all reportedly have stock available as of writing this.

Walmart is scheduled to release new stock on 11/25/20 at 9 pm est. while other retailers like Target and Amazon have not announced any dates or times. Both Amazon and Target tend to do surprise releases so it’s extremely important that you learn exactly when new stock becomes available.

With Nowinstock you can instantly be notified the moment new stock gets released! Good luck and hopefully by using Nowinstock you have increased your chances of getting a new PS5 or Xbox Series X!

Find this best-kept secret helpful? Be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know!

Happy hunting!

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