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How To Get NBC’s Newest Peacock App Update v3.1.17 – Firestick/Fire TV

As many of you are aware, NBC released their official Peacock app on July 15th of this year. Most Android devices running the Google Play Store were able to immediately get access to this app.

Devices like the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV were not as lucky. Although getting the Peacock app on your Amazon device can be done it just makes getting it more difficult to keep up with updates.

Recently, NBC released its updated Peacock App version 1.3.17. Any devices running the Google Play Store should have automatically received the update.

For Amazon devices, you will need to manually update your application. If you followed our first install guide to get the original release you will need to follow those same steps in order to get the newest update.

Below we have included a list of steps necessary to install or update the NBC Peacock App. It is worth noting that since this app is not currently available on the Amazon app store it may be rendered useless if NBC pushes out a new update.

We will try to keep our Filelinked store updated with the latest version of this app however there may be some downtime between their update release and us getting the new update posted.

Be sure to check our Filelinked Store regularly so you can see if a new update is available. To get the newest update, version 1.3.17 please follow the steps below.

How to install the Peacock App:

  • Get the Myfirestreams Easy Builder App
  • Open Filelinked
  • Enter the code 76394002
  • Click Continue
  • The Myfirestream Easy Builder App will now open
  • Scroll down to the Best Streaming Apps category
  • Locate and click on Peacock
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Click Peacock once more to start the install process
  • Click install
  • Wait for the install to finish
  • Click Done
  • Return to the Fire TV home screen
  • Using the Amazon Fire TV remote hold the home button for 3-5 sec. Select Apps
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and highlight Peacock
  • Using the Amazon Fire TV remote press the three line button and select Move to Front
  • Return to the Fire TV home screen and open Peacock
  • Congrats you have successfully installed Peacock! Enjoy!

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