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Philo TV 2021 Review | How Good is Philo TV?

What is Philo TV?

Philo TV, a San Francisco startup company was launched in 2009 at Harvard University. Since their launch Philo has gained well over 50,000 new subscribers during their first year with their latest report being reported at a 11% growth in active users.

Although the Philo company does not normally release their updated numbers it does seem as though they are gaining a ton of new subscribers on a monthly basis.

Philo is compatible with most streaming devices including the popular Amazon Fire TV devices. They currently are offering a great selection of some of the most popular TV channels including sports, movies, entertainment, news, and more.

What makes Philo stand out from other providers like SlingTV is their low costs. Philo is a great TV solution at a very affordable rate. Tired of other providers shutting down without notice? Philo has been around since 2009 and as it stands they are not going anywhere.

In late 2019, Philo announced that it was seeking partnerships with other advertising companies so that it could expand its ad program. This helps Philo to be able to extend its channel offerings. As they continue to grow we do expect more top brand channels to be released into their current lineup.

Philo Channels and Pricing:

Currently, Philo offers 63 channels from top providers for only $20/month. Below you will see a list of their current channel lineup but it should be noted that these channels are subject to change.

Similar to other providers like Sling TV, Philo offers users additional add-ons for those who wish to get exclusive access to premium movies. Philo is now offering users an Epix add-on package for only $6/month in addition to their standard $20/month pricing.

Not a fan of Epix? Don’t worry! You can also choose to go with their Starz add-on which does come at a slightly higher price. Users can add the Starz add-on for an additional $9/month.

Is their TV service right for you?

At $20/month Philo TV offers some of the best content around with options to add on additional content. You may have noticed that Philo tends to cater to the entertainment, news, family, kids, and education categories so if that is something you are looking for then Philo may be right for you.

Cord-cutting is all about lowering the cost of cable or satellite subscriptions. having access to live TV for only $20/month is hard to beat.

Even better, with your Philo subscription, you can get access on 3 devices including DVR recording! Never miss out on your favorite episode with their cloud-based DVR recording option. Their cloud DVR service includes up to 30hrs of DVR content.

How can you register?

To get registered with Philo simply head over to their website at

From their website, you can get a free 7-day trial before deciding to purchase their service. To get started with the Trial simply enter in your mobile or email and click get started as shown in the picture below.

After submitting your email or mobile number you will need to select your package/add-ons and enter your payment information. Please note that you are entitled to a free 7-day trial. If you choose not to keep Philo you will need to cancel your service before the trial ends. Failure to do so will result in them charging you for 1 month’s service.

Once you have selected your package, add-ons, and entered in your payment option simply select subscribe to get signed up. You will need to verify your email after signup so be sure to follow the on-screen instructions.

After verifying your email you are good to go. To access Philo on your Amazon device simply search for Philo through the Amazon App Store. Download and install the Philo app onto your devices.

Launch the Philo app and login.


Is Philo Free?

No. Philo is a subscription-based IPTV service that charges users on a monthly basis. They do offer a free 7-day trial, however, once the trial service ends you will be charged.

Is Philo TV Legal?

Yes. Philo is a legal IPTV service similar to that of Sling TV

What is Philo TV?

Philo is an IPTV service similar to Sling TV. They offer a huge selection of the most popular TV channels at a fraction of the cost. For $20/month, you can get access to 60 of the most popular TV channels.

What devices can Philo be installed on?

The Philo app can be installed on most devices including the Amazon Fire TV devices as well as other Android-based devices.

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