Is Real-Debrid Worth The Money? Do You Need It?

What is Real-Debrid

Real-Debrid is a subscription service that providers its users with access to additional file hosters. In short, Debrid will provide cord-cutters with access to additional links.

In most cases, the links that you are able to gain access to through the Real-Debrid service are of higher quality. The links that Real-Debrid is able to pull are not commonly used by the default scraped links used by third-party add-ons like Cinema HD.

These “less common” links offer not only a higher quality stream but a buffer-free experience. In most cases, Real-Debrid users even see a huge increase in load times.

Is it worth it?

Although most cord-cutters can make do without a Real-Debrid account there are some key benefits in having it.

First, if you are not already a Real-Debrid subscriber you have probably already found ways to stream quality links within third-party add-ons without too much trouble. Without access to these premium links you probably have found yourself switching through multiple links to try and find the best link possible.

By linking up a Real-Debrid account to a third-party add-on that offers Real-Debrid support you will instantly see a huge difference. When pulling links from any movie or TV show you will instantly start seeing these “colored” Debrid links that will probably show up before any standard link.

In almost all cases, these premium links will work on the first try loading faster than most standard links. As a bonus, you will find more 1080p and even 4k links that some standard links don’t provide.

So is Real-Debrid really worth it? YES!

Cord-cutters tend to seek the most cable-like experience possible. Who wants to hunt through standard links only to be disappointed in the end? Most people would rather click and watch. With Real-Debrid you get just that!

Is it costly?

No! Real-Debrid is by far one of the cheapest tools any cord-cutter could have. They have several packages to choose from with their most expensive package only costing $19/USD.

Below you will find a list of their current subscription plans.

The best deal is their 180-day plan for only $18.99/USD. This plan will give you access to premium Real-Debrid links for 180 days without having to worry about monthly fees.

When your 180 days come to an end you simply login and re-purchase another subscription. Linking to other third party add-ons is instant. Once you have an active account you can simply log in with your Real-Debrid credentials on those apps and immediately get access to your paid links.

This service will take your streaming experience to a whole new level! Guaranteed!

Still not sure if it’s worth it? They also offer a 15-day package for only $3.56/USD. Try it out yourself and see how you like it. We are almost certain you will keep an active Real-Debrid account at all times once you see how this service can improve your streaming experience.

Ready to try it for yourself? Grab your Real-Debrid access today!

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