The Best Android Streaming Apps | May 2021

What are the best Android streaming apps?

Cinema HD

Coming in the first place is the very popular and most widely known streaming app around; Cinema HD. Cinema HD has been many cord-cutters go-to app for both movies and tv shows for quite a while now.

Until recently, this app has been the perfect app for cord-cutters. Recently, Cinema HD through their latest update did cause some conflict with Real-Debrid. This issue ultimately caused Real-Debrid to make changes on their end that not only affected Cinema HD but other third-party apps as well.


This shouldn’t deter you from using Cinema HD. Their app still works great even with pairing it with Real-Debrid. Users of the app must make sure that they have turned off the Auto Resolve feature so that Real-Debrid still works.

How to get Cinema HD:

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Cyberflix TV

Like Cinema, Cyberflix is also a very popular streaming app for Android devices. Cybeflix was a clone of the once-popular Terrarium TV streaming app.

Cyberflix TV offers users a great movie and tv show streaming application. Their interface is very similar to that of Cinema HD since both are clones of the Terrarium TV app. This app makes both a great primary or backup streaming app for your movies and tv shows.

How to get Cyberflix:

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Media Lounge

Media Lounge since its release has proven to be a great up and coming streaming application. This app works extremely well when paired with a Real-debrid account.

The app does lack a few features that other apps provide which is why we are putting this app in our third-place slot. The developer of this application is constantly working on improving not only the GUI but its functions as well. If you haven’t tested out this app we highly suggest that you do. It makes for a great backup streaming app.

How to get Media Lounge:

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Weyd and Stremio

Coming in fourth and fifth place we have the Weyd and Stremio streaming apps. These two apps although different do have one thing in common. Both require the addition of adding your own sources in order to pull links.

Some cord-cutters prefer an app that works right out of the box without having to go through lengthy installs. We do have to admit that although there are some extra steps that must be taken in order for these apps to work, they do make for great streaming apps. Both have a great selection of movies and tv shows.

These two apps could easily make the number one spot because they do work so well. Taking into consideration the other apps available and their setup process is the only reason we put these further down the list. If they were to come working right after install then they would easily take over the number one spot.

If you don’t mind typing in a few extra URLs then we highly suggest checking these two apps out.

How to get Weyd and Stremio:


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