Was Real-Debrid really hit with a DDoS attack?

On the night of December 9th, many Real-debrid users were faced with the issue of their favorite streaming app not pulling any links. With a paid service like Real-debrid most users expect to have high quality working links at all times.

Sometimes certain expectations cannot be met. Real-debrid has always been a highly reliable service that has very little downtime if any at all.


Real-debrid went almost completely down on December 9th for several hours. During this time there was no mention as to why this service wasn’t working. Most users flocked to social media accounts only to learn that there was no new information. Many users began to speculate that Real-debrid had been shut down and that more closures were to come.

Thankfully, this was not the case. Real-debrid disclosed soon after that their shutdown was a direct result of a DDoS attack. They did have certain measures in place that kept some users from seeing any negative results however their DDoS protection also ended up blocking legit users as well.

For this reason, many users were left not being able to access their accounts, pull links, or even order services.

Below is a statement that was released by Real-debrid explaining what took place on December 9th.

Real-debrid has always been under close watch due to the services they offer. Many have tried to shut down the service but as of now, no one has succeeded.

Currently, their services are running so users should not have any issues pulling their high-quality links. Not yet using Real-debrid? Take your streaming experience to a whole new level by integrating the Real-debrid service with your favorite streaming apk’s like Cinema HD.

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