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How To Fix Cinema HD Error “Sometimes Server has been died”

One of our most popular search results is in relation to the Cinema HD error “sometimes server has been died”. Like many, you probably have seen this error when using the Cinema HD APK. In most cases, users are reporting seeing this error within the movies category selection.

This error can be quite frustrating especially if you are looking for that certain category without wanting to type in searches. Don’t let this error get you down, this is a common error that can easily be fixed.


So what exactly is the Cinema HD “sometimes server has been died” error? Although this error puts off a warning that too many users are trying to access the service at one time this is simply not the case. This error is nothing more than a generic error message.

The problem

Like many other APK’s, Cinema HD also has clones or forks. The most common reason for this is that the official Cinema HD APK includes ads. Although these ads can be removed through paid memberships most cord cutters tend to seek an ad-free version without having to fork out the money.

This is where the problem lies. These modded versions of the Official Cinema HD APK do not always work as intended. Anytime someone tweaks the code it causes problems in other areas within the APK. In this case, the main issue is certain categories not loading properly, resulting in the “sometimes servers has been died” error.

Sometimes seeking an alternative to getting rid of ads is not the best move. Although these modded versions do work and provide an ad-free experience they do come with their own issues. So how can you fix this error? Do you need the official Cinema HD APK?

The Fix

Fixing the “sometimes server has been died” is not a complicated process. The biggest issue cord-cutters face is not knowing where they are getting their APK’s from. Downloading and installing the first APK that comes up is not always a smart move.

There are many versions of Cinema HD floating around where different modders have gone in and tweaked the code hoping to “create” their own modded versions that everyone downloads. There are a couple of different ways you can go about fixing this issue.

  • Download the official Cinema HD APK (See Forum Post)
  • Download the official ad-free version (See Forum Post)
  • Update the official ad-free version
  • Delete other versions of the Cinema HD APK

The easiest way to fix this issue is to use the official Cinema HD APK. Yes, we do understand that this may not be the “perfect” fix since it does come with ads and requires payment to remove them. However, if you truly want a good working APK then this is the way to go.

The next option you have available is to download the official ad-free version. Not every “ad-free” version is the official download. Hunting down and trying to find the right download can be quite time-consuming. One thing to keep in mind when downloading any APK is to know where you are getting your APK’s from. Although we do not host any APK’s we do have a Filelinked store that is linked to the official APK’s. Again know your sources! If you get an APK from our Filelinked store then you know it’s the correct version.

It goes without saying but before getting the correct version installed you need to uninstall any previous version of the APK. Lastly, if you know for certain that you have the correct version of the APK downloaded and are still getting an error like “sometimes server has been died” then you need to update the APK.

Getting an error like that is a clear sign that either you have a broken modded version of the app or that the app needs to be updated. The biggest takeaway is knowing where you are getting your sources from! Hopefully, you have found this guide helpful and can get rid of those annoying errors within the Cinema HD APK.

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