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How To Jailbreak Fire TV | 2021 Guide

When it comes to Amazon Fire devices the term jailbreak seems to be a hot topic. What is jailbreaking? Can you really jailbreak an Amazon Fire device? All of that and more will be answered in this post.

To start with let’s get a better understanding of what jailbreaking really is.

Jailbreaking is simply modifying (a smartphone or other electronic device) to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or operator, e.g. to allow the installation of unauthorized software. One word that sticks out the most, “unauthorized”.

Amazon, by default, does not allow unauthorized applications to be installed on their devices. Unlike other companies, Amazon does allow unauthorized apps to be installed ONLY if the user selects to do so. Companies like Apple do NOT allow unauthorized apps to be installed at all. Even if the user decided to allow unauthorized apps, Apple simply will NOT allow this.

So can you really jailbreak an Amazon Fire device?

Technically no. As was stated earlier, in order to truly jailbreak a device one would need to modify it so that it would allow unauthorized software to be installed. Normally, this would require that the device be rooted so that you could access the device’s main filesystem.

Amazon, although by default does not allow unauthorized apps, they do give the user access to do so. So technically, no jailbreak is needed. An Amazon Fire device user can simply turn on this feature that is offered by Amazon. This is where users get confused thus causing the jailbreak term to be used. Simply turning on a device setting is NOT jailbreaking. However, in this case, one could argue that turning this feature on is “modifying it so unauthorized app can be installed”.

How to allow unauthorized apps to be installed?

In order to allow unauthorized apps to be installed on your device, you simply need to turn on this setting. Turning on this setting (jailbreaking) will immediately allow you access to install third-party apps on your device.

To allow the install of unauthorized apps follow this guide:

  • From your Amazon home screen, at the top click on settings. (You also can press the home button on your remote for 3-5 sec and select settings from the menu)
  • On the settings menu, scroll over till you locate My Fire TV
  • Click on My Fire TV
  • Scroll down and select Developer Options
  • By default, Apps from Unknown Sources is turned Off
  • Select Apps from Unknown Sources and turn this feature On
  • You just “jailbroke” your device. Technically, you just allowed third-party apps to be installed without jailbreaking

So your device is now set up to allow apps from unknown sources, what do you do now?

Making use of your “jailbroken” device:

Now that your device is ready for third-party apps it’s time to take advantage of this feature.

By default, you can only install apps from the Amazon App Store. This really limits what your device can do. The good news, now that you can install unauthorized apps, you have opened up your options.

For cord-cutters, this is a dream come true

Cord cutters can now install the most popular streaming apps so that they can easily watch their favorite movies and TV shows without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a cable subscription.

Below you will find a list of our top recommended streaming apps:

To get the most use out of your Amazon Fire device we highly suggest getting Kodi installed.

Once you have Kodi installed you should take a few minutes to set it up. We suggest checking out the following guides and pick which one works best for your needs.

Don’t want to use Kodi? Check out these other popular apps:

These are just a few of the many options you have. If you’d like to see more options be sure to check out our install guides here at Myfirestreams.

Should you protect yourself when installing apps from unknown sources (jailbreaking)?

YES! Unknown sources are not authorized apps. Users who choose to install these third-party apps are taking a risk when installing them.

Not only are you possibly putting your device at risk (Corrupted Filesystem), but you are putting your personal information at risk as well. Protecting yourself from these possible risks is accomplished by always using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Sound complicated?

Setting up a VPN is very easy and it only costs a few dollars a month. When it comes to privacy and protection you really can’t put a price on it!

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Check out IPVanish today! Always protect yourself and have the confidence that you are being protected at all times.

Already purchased IPVanish? We have put together an easy-to-follow install guide that will help you set up IPVanish in under 5mins.

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