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How To Install Kodi On PC in 2021

Getting Kodi installed on your PC has never been easier. There are two different install methods, in this post, we will show you both ways.

Did you know that Kodi has an official app within the Microsoft Store? Installing Kodi through the Microsoft Store App is the simplest and fastest way to get Kodi on your PC. To install Kodi on PC using the Microsoft Store App simply follow the steps below.

Getting Kodi through Microsoft Store App:

  • Open the Microsoft Store App

  • Click search at the top

  • Search for Kodi

  • Select Kodi from the search results

  • Once on the Kodi store page click Install

  • Wait for the download to complete

  • Click launch

  • Congrats you have successfully installed Kodi on your PC through the Microsoft Store App

You can access Kodi from the Windows start menu. We suggest clicking Windows>Start>Right-Click Kodi>Pin to Start. This will ensure you can quickly access Kodi from the Windows Start menu. Alternatively you can drag the Kodi app from the Start menu to your desktop to make a shortcut icon on your desktop.

How to install Kodi from their website:

This method takes the most amount of time. If you prefer to install Kodi manually then follow the steps below.

  • From the Kodi website click Download at the top

  • Once you are on the Download page scroll down and locate the section called “Choose your weapon”

  • From the list of downloads click on Windows

  • Depending on your system either select Installer 64bit or Installer 32bit

  • When the download box pops up click save or save as. Save the file to a location of your choice. We suggest saving to the default “downloads” folder on your PC

  • Once the download finishes open Windows File Explorer and locate the location where you saved your file. For this example, we opened the “Downloads” folder

  • Double click on the Kodi file to start the install process and click next

  • Click I Agree

  • Click next on Choose Components

  • Choose an Install Location or just click next to install Kodi at the default location on your PC

  • Click install

  • Wait for the install to finish

  • Click finish or select the box to Run Kodi then finish

  • If you clicked finish without selecting Run Kodi then open the Start Menu and select Kodi from the list of programs on your PC. Take this time to create a desktop shortcut then double click the icon to open Kodi

  • Congrats you have successfully installed Kodi on your PC

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Take the next step by installing a Kodi Build!

Xanax, is by far the best Kodi Build for 2020. Checkout this video for how to setup Xanax on Kodi.


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    **Some of the pictures listed above are from a previous Kodi version install. Please note that all install methods are still the same. Just ensure that you install the correct Kodi version you are looking for.

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