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How To Create a Simple Kodi v19 Wizard With Repo Guide

This new guide on how to create a Kodi v19 Wizard with Repo is a follow-up post in relation to our Kodi v19 Wizard guide. Since there have been several changes from our Kodi v18 guide to our new Kodi v19 guide we thought it may be best to put everything in one post.

Following this guide will be similar to our other guides however we will not be going into too much detail. If you need a refresher please refer back to our 18 guides otherwise simply follow the steps below starting with how to create the repo.

How to create a Kodi v19 Repo

First things first, start by downloading the necessary files. Use the button below to download the Kodi v19 repository files.

  • Extract the newly downloaded repo file using any program like Winrar etc.
  • Rename the repo folder. We suggest keeping this name the same as your Kodi Wizard. Example repository.myfirestreams
  • Open the newly extracted repository folder. You will see another folder named repository.CHANGE NAME you need to change this name following the steps above. Both folder names should match.
  • Open repository.**** file folder. You should see three files. Addon.xml, fanart.jpg, and icon.png
  • Using any photo editing software you can edit the fanart.jpg and icon.png to images of your choice. Keep the file names the same!!!


The fanart.jpg file needs to be exactly 1920×1080

The icon.png file needs to be exactly 512×512

  • Now that you have changed your repo images it’s time to edit the addon.xml file. Open this file in Notepad++ or another text editing program like notepad.
  • Edit the addons.xml file exactly how it states below.

Make sure that your id is the same name as your repo folder! Example repository.myfirestreams

The name can be anything you choose. We suggest just editing out “Myfirestreams” with your repo name. The version number will be your choice. Anytime you update this repo just make sure you change your version number!

Please leave a feedback on thisx

Provider name we suggest changing this to your repo name. Example Myfirestreams

On lines 5,6,7 change the URL to match that of your domain. Please ensure that you keep the URL structure the same as this points to your uploaded files. Simply edit the CHANGEURL to match your domain. Nothing else should be touched.


Line 5 <info compressed=”false”></info>


line 5 <info compressed=”false”></info>

On lines 12 and 13 edit that to your choice. We suggest just changing “Open” to your repo name.

On line 20 only edit CHANGEURL to match your domain. Same as you did on lines 5-7.

Congrats! You have made your very own Kodi v19 Repo! You repo should look like this:

  • repository.****
    • presets
    • repository.****
    • zips
    • .gitmodules

This is an “Empty” repo. There are currently no addons or wizards added. Follow the next step to create your Kodi v19 Wizard.

How to create a Kodi v19 Wizard

Before you can begin you will need to download the files associated with this Wizard. We have taken the time to put together this file for you. Please use the button below to download the necessary files.

After you have downloaded the Kodi Version 19 Wizard file you will need to extract it. There are plenty of free programs aviliable to use. We suggest using winrar. Now that you have downloaded and extracted the necessary files it’s time to start setting up your very own Kodi Wizard.

Setting Up Your Own Kodi v19 Wizard

Please ensure you follow these steps in order! Missing one step can cause your Kodi Wizard not to work properly.

  • The file you extracted should be titled plugin.program.CUSTOM NAME. Change the name of this folder to match your Wizard name. Example: plugin.program.myfirestreams
  • After changing the folder name open up the folder to access the files

We will be editing these files in order so that we can ensure you do not miss any steps. Start by opening up the “resources” folder.

  • Please click on the advanced settings folder and view the Read Me.txt file. These XML files contain the best settings for your devices and should not be changed.
  • Next, open up the “skins” folder
  • Click to open the “default” folder
  • Open “720p” folder
  • Open up the “notify.xml” file. We will be editing this file using notepad ++ or any other program of your choosing. If you do not have Notepad ++ you can download it using the button below.
  • On line #25 enter in the name of your Kodi Wizard. Example Myfirestreams.
  • Click save on Notepad ++
  • Return to plugin.program folder and open resources>skins>default>media folder. You can change black.png and test.png to anything of your choosing. Just ensure you keep the file names the same and the images sizes the same. The black.png file is your Kodi Wizard notification background and the test.png is your notification icon.
  • After you have finished changing your images return back to the plugin.program folder and go to the resources folder.
  • Open up the builds.xml file.
  • We will not be covering how to upload builds in this guide however, in this file you will see what needs to be edited. To have more than one build using this Wizard please ensure that you keep the “file structure the same”. Simply copy <build through </build> and paste that code below the first one. Everything should be within <builds> through </builds>
  • Next, return to the plugin.program resources folder
  • Change the fanart.jpg and icon.png to your choosing. Ensure that you keep the file names the same and image sizes.
  • In the resources folder open up the notify.txt file.
  • When you make changes to your Kodi Wizard or upload new builds you can send our custom notifications. Simply follow the steps in this file to send out a new notification.
  • Finally, open up the SETTINGS.XML READ ME.TXT file and read over that content. If you wish to changes any settings you can open up the settings.xml file and change them there. Ensure you save ALL files you have edited!!

Finishing Up Your Kodi Wizard

Your Kodi version 19 Wizard is now nearly complete. There are only two more files that need editing before you have a complete working Kodi Wizard.

These steps are EXTREAMLY important! Any mistake here will cause your Wizard not to work!

  • Open up the plugin.programs folder
  • Open up the addon.xml file
  • On line #2 you will need to change the “id”, “name”, and “version”.
  • Next to id change the last part to match that of the folder name. Example plugin.program.myfirestreams. Just ensure this name matches that of your Wizard file folder.
  • Next to name on line #2 enter in a custom name for your Wizard.
  • Lastly, next to version change this to match you current Wizard version number. Example version=”1.0″

Please double-check the content above. Make sure your Wizard Folder Name (plugin.program.****) matches that of the <addon id=””

To finish up editing the addon.xml file simply change the content on lines 11, 12, & 21 to anything you’d like. Before exiting be sure to save your changes!

Return to your plugin.programs folder and open up the file. If using a text editor like Notepad ++ you may need to right click on this file and select edit with Notepad ++ since this is a Python file.

In the file we will need to edit two lines. Edit lines 10 and 13 to match your UPLOADED WIZARD FILE LOCATIONS FOR BUILDS AND NOTIFY.

These files are currently located in the plugin.program.*** resources folder. So when you upload your completed Kodi Wizard you will need to edit this section to match that of your upload location. it should look similar to this:


How To Add Your Kodi Wizard To Your Repo

  • Copy the Kodi v19 Wizard file folder plugin.program.*** and paste it into your repo folder. Your repo folder should now look like this:
    • repository.****
      • plugin.program.****
      • presets
      • repository.****
      • zips
      • .gitmodules

Congrats! You have successfully added your new Kodi v19 Wizard to your Kodi v19 Repo. Follow the next steps to see how to finalize your repo for upload.

Finishing Your Repo For Upload

First, we will need to create a folder named repo within our “master” repo folder. To do so simply open your master folder, right-click, select new>folder, title your folder “repo”.

Created folder named repo inside of the “master repo” folder

This “repo” folder will host the files needed to install them into Kodi.

If you do not have python already installed on your PC you will need to install it. This program is free and will be needed for the next step. You can get the proper Python version below.

  • Click on to run the python script. This will automatically create zip files of everything in your repo and paste them into the zips folder.

Open your newly created folder “repo”. First we will need to create a file named index.html. This file will allow your zips to be readable and accessed within Kodi.

To create the index.html file open Notepad++ or another text editor. Paste the following code into your document.

<p><a href=""></a>

This HTML code points to your repo zip file. Make sure you type in your file name exactly as it is within your zip folder. To get the file name do the following:

  • Open your Master repo folder
  • Open zips folder
  • Inside this folder you should see two folders. One for plugin the other for repository.
  • Open your repository folder
  • Inside your repository folder you will see your newly created zip. Copy that file name and replace it in the code above. Make sure you include the whole file name including .zip failure to do so will result in errors and you will not be able to install your repo inside of Kodi!
Repo zip file name location

Once you have edited the code above and pasted it inside your document you will need to save it to the “new repo folder” you just created. Save it with the file name index.html

Next, return back to your “master repo” folder and open zips. Inside the zips folder open your repository folder and copy the zip file.

Return back to the master folder, open the new repo folder and paste this zip file inside your repo folder. You should now have two files inside your repo folder (index.html and your file).

Completed repo folder files

At this point your repo is complete! The only thing left to do is to upload the files to your hosting server.

Uploading Repo File To Your Server

If you skipped the step above about copying the builds.xml and notify.xml you will need to do that first. Copy your completed build file located in the plugin.program.****>resources folder along with notify.xml. Please note we did NOT cover how to add builds to your Wizard! This tutorial will come in the near future. If you already knew how to add a build and created this file be sure to copy it and paste it into your domain.

Copy the following files from your repository folder

  • presets
  • repo
  • zips

Upload these to your domain. So now your domain should look like this.

  • public_html
    • presets
    • repo
    • zips
    • .htaccess
    • builds.xml
    • notify.xml
    • fanart.jpg (copy this from your repository.*** folder)
    • icon.png (copy this from your repository.*** folder)

If your domain doesn’t have an .htaccess file simply follow the steps below to create one.

Creating a .htaccess file if you don’t already have one on your hosting server:

We will be using this .htaccess file to hide files from being seen inside of Kodi.

  • Using Notepad++ click file>new
  • Copy the following code
# Hide files of type .png, .zip, .jpg, .gif and .doc from listing
IndexIgnore *.png *.jpg *.gif *.txt *.xml *.html *.md5
  • This will Ignore files of certain types. Currently, we are using this code to hide everything but our zip file. So inside of Kodi or through a web browser, you will only see our zip file.
  • Click file>save as>
  • Name this save as .htaccess
  • Upload to your domain

Congrats! You have now sucessfully created your Kodi v19 Repo, Wizard, and uploaded it. It is now live and can be accessed directly from Kodi v19!

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