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How To Edit Your Kodi Wizard Build File (Works With Simple Kodi Wizard)

By now you should have already completed the Kodi v19 Wizard and Repo guide and should now be ready to create your Kodi Wizard Build file. Before you can create your Kodi Wizard build file you will need to have a custom Kodi Build ready for uploading.

How To Create a Simple Kodi v19 Wizard With Repo Guide

This new guide on how to create a Kodi v19 Wizard with Repo is a follow-up post in relation to our Kodi v19 Wizard guide. Since there have been several changes from our Kodi v18 guide to our new Kodi v19 guide we thought it may be best to put everything in one post. Following …

How To Create a Simple Kodi v19 Wizard With Repo Guide Read More ยป


There are plenty of guides out there for creating your own Kodi Build. We suggest using Google to learn how to create your very own Kodi Build. Since we develop builds we will not be showing you how to create your own nor how to customize it with custom icons, images, ect.

Once you have a Kodi build ready simply follow the steps below to get your Kodi Wizard build file ready.

How to create a Kodi Wizard Build File:

In our guide How To Create a Kodi v19 Wizard With Repo Guide we pointed out that there are already premade templates ready to use. These files can be found in the plugin.program.***>resources folder. We suggest leaving these files inside the resource folder for future use or as a guide.

For now, Copy and paste the Builds.xml file into another location like on your desktop. Using notepad ++ or any other editing software simply open up the Builds.xml file.

You will notice that we have already typed out what should be edited on this file. In the Builds.xml file we will need to edit the following information:

  • Build name
  • Version
  • URL
  • icon
  • fanart
  • description

Edit the above information according to what the text says. For example on build name we have this stated on the file “ENTER THE NAME OF YOUR KODI V19 BUILD HERE”. You will simply replace the text with your build name. Example “Fire Build”. Just make sure your name is inside the quotation marks.

Do that for all the items listed above. For the URL be sure you upload your Kodi build to your domain. Dropbox will not work for this Kodi Wizard. So be sure to list the location of your Kodi Build according to where it is in your domain. Example: “”

What do you do if you have more than one build?

Will you be using your Wizard for more than one build?x

If you are like many other creators you probably have more than one build you want to include on your Wizard. To get multiple builds be sure to copy the code <build through </build> and paste this code directly below the first build. Just be sure to paste this code inside the <builds></builds>. See the example below as to what to copy.

Once you have copied and pasted the code go ahead and edit it to show the information for the new build. You can add as many builds as you would like. Just be sure to edit them accordingly. See the example below.

Once you have completed your builds.xml file the only thing left to do is to save it and upload the file to your domain. If you are not sure how to upload this file or where it should be uploaded to then be sure to read over and particularly the section Uploading Repo File To Your Server.

That’s it! Making a Kodi Wizard build file isn’t hard. Especially since we have already done the hard work for you by creating a template. Anytime you want to make changes to your builds just edit this file accordingly.

**Pro Tip

If you have other users that download and use your Kodi builds then we highly suggest making sure anytime you make a change that you change the version number of the build inside the builds.xml file. This will ensure that other users will get notified of an update so they can update their build.

For example, let’s say you have a build called FireBuild and your original version is 1.0. In 1.0 you have Numbers as your main addon. Later on, you decide to use Exodus and remove Numbers from your build. You create the new Kodi Build with Exodus being your main video addon. You zip your new build and upload it to your server.

At this point if you do not edit the version number then anyone who had 1.0 will NOT know if there is a new build or update. So if you change the version of FireBuild to version 1.1 then anyone who had 1.0 installed will get notified of the new update.

They can then use your Kodi Wizard to update their build!

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