Install Favorite Kodi Repos From One URL

Learn How To Install Your Favorite Kodi Repos From One URL

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Are you someone who hates having to enter multiple URL’s in Kodi just to get your favorite Kodi repos? Getting Kodi setup is one of the most time-consuming tasks there is for any cord-cutter. As you are probably already aware, every Kodi add-on requires that you enter a separate URL for each. For someone who has multiple streaming Kodi add-ons, wizards, music plugins and more this can be quite the task. We are happy to tell you that those days are over!

One of our main goals is to make cutting the cord easy. We are always on the lookout for new ways to help simplify setups so that not only is it easy to do but so that anyone can do it in a reasonable time. Kodi is no different than other third-party streaming apps. There are thousands of add-ons available so it can be even more time-consuming just to find the best Kodi add-ons. Who likes having to sort through so many add-ons just to find the perfect one?

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Getting Your Favorite Kodi Repos From One URL

The issues with sorting through so many add-ons and having to enter so many different URLs have led us into creating a central location for all of your favorite Kodi add-ons. This creation isn’t something that’s new but rather us taking advantage of what’s already out there to help simplify the process.

As you already know, Kodi repos can contain a ton of add-ons including but not limited to wizards, video add-ons, plugins, scripts, repos, and more. We have decided to take our official Myfirestreams Kodi Repo to the next level. Instead of just offering a few video add-ons and our Official Myfirestreams Fire Wizard we have decided to add popular repos as well.

Cord-cutters who use the Myfirestreams Repo can now directly gain access to the best Kodi repos around. By installing our repo you are only required to enter in one URL. Once you have our URL listed in Kodi File Manager you can easily install our repo using the install from zip option in Kodi. After you have installed our repo you can find these other popular repos from our addon repository section inside our repo.

Although we do not host these add-ons or repos you are given direct access to download and install them from their sources. This process does not require you to enter any URL! You simply use our repo to install your favorite Kodi repos. Cord-cutters should find this extremely helpful when setting up Kodi.

What Repos Are Included?

Currently, many devs out there have not yet made the switch from Kodi v18 to Kodi v19 Matrix. There are only a handful of reliable repos/add-ons that are currently available for Kodi v19.

We have taken the time to find the best working repos around. These repos are some of the most well-known and sought-after repos that have been around since Kodi v18 and prior. We will be updating our repos on a regular basis to ensure that our repository has the most up-to-date list available.

As of now, the Myfirestreams Kodi Repo has the following repos available:

  • Cellar Door repository
  • cMaN Wizard repository
  • Diggz repository
  • The Crew repository

We will be updating our repo often so please check our repo for the latest additions. Not finding a repo that you need? Although we try to add the best repos around we do not always cover everything. If there is something you would like us to add to our repo please let us know! You can use the form below to put in your requests.

Request Form

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    How do I access the Myfirestreams Kodi Repo?

    Our repo is for our Premium Website Account members only. In order to see this information, you will need to have a Premium Website Account. You can join as a Premium Member here and you can access the Repo information here

    Where am I getting the other Repos from?

    Myfirestreams does NOT host any add-on or other repository. When you use the Myfirestreams Kodi Repo to install other add-ons or repositories you are directly downloading them from their original source.

    Why don’t I see my favorite repos?

    The repos you may be looking for might not yet be compatible with Kodi v19. If you know that it works with Kodi v19 then you can use the request form above to request that we add your favorite repos to our repository.

    Does the Myfirestreams Repo include Kodi Builds?

    Yes! You can access Kodi v19 builds using our Fire Wizard that is included in our repo or you can download other repos and install their custom wizards. Using their Wizard you will find other builds that are not available within the Myfirestreams Fire Wizard.

    Why do I need a Premium Website Account to view this content?

    Some content we put out takes us a lot of time to put together. We do provide free guides for installing repos, add-ons, wizards, builds, and more but this free content requires that you enter in each URL separately. So for us taking the time to create something that ultimately saves you a lot of time we choose to make this content for paying members only. All proceeds help support Myfirestreams so if you enjoy our content and wish to help us out please consider joining as a Premium Website Account member.

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