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How to add an APK installer to a Kodi Wizard | 2021 Guide

Adding an APK installer to a Kodi Wizard helps to simplify your setup process on any device. The hardest part of setting up any device is having to enter in so many URLs and searches just to get your favorites apps installed. By using this APK installer you can install your favorite apps directly through Kodi.

In this guide, we will be walking you through the process of setting up your APK installer using our Complex Kodi 19 Wizard. In order to follow along with this guide, you need to have already downloaded and set up your custom Complex Kodi 19 Wizard.

Create your custom Kodi 19 Wizard

If you have not yet created your own Kodi 19 Wizard then we suggest you follow the guide below before proceeding.

How to make a Kodi Wizard (Complex Wizard for Kodi v19)

What is a Wizard? In Kodi, a Wizard is a plugin program that allows users to not only install Kodi Builds but Addons as well. The Wizard that we will be discussing in this post can not only install your custom Kodi Builds but it can do much more! Wizard Source Files: You may not …

How to make a Kodi Wizard (Complex Wizard for Kodi v19) Read More ยป


When following the Complex Wizard guide you do not need to upload the Wizard just yet. We will be editing some information in this Wizard to activate the APK installer. If you have already uploaded your Wizard then you just need to edit your master file and reupload it once you are finished.

Activating the APK installer to a Kodi Wizard

In this section, we will be showing you how to properly activate and set up your APK installer inside your Kodi Wizard. Activating your APK installer is a very simple process. The information needed is already included with the Complex Wizard so we only need to add in our URL.

To get the APK installer to a Kodi Wizard simply follow the steps below

  • On your PC, open up your Complex Kodi 19 Wizard folder. It should be titled plugin.program.YOUR WIZARD NAME
  • Open up the file using Notepad ++ or any other text editing software
  • Scroll down to line 25 in the You should see APKFILE and on line 24 you should see the directions for editing line 25. If you do NOT see APKFILE on line 25 then you will need to scroll through your file and locate the APK section.

On line 25 in the file we need to add in our URL for our APK Text file. The APK Text file will contain all of your APK’s. By editing line 25 we are basically telling our Kodi Wizard where to look for this information.

  • The APK Text file will be put on our server the same as a build file. This file should be in the main directory of your web server.
  • On line 25, edit the URL to represent the location of your APK Text file (We will be creating this file in the next section). For example, we edited line 25 as follows:

Make sure your URL ends with apks.text. The apks.txt will be the name of the file we create in the next section. So make sure this name matches. It should be all lowercase and it should include .txt

Once you have added your APK Text file URL inside the you will need to rezip your Wizard and upload it to your server. Don’t forget to change your Wizard version number in the addon.xml file. You need to change the version number because we are making changes. In order for those changes to take effect, Kodi needs to know there is an update.

If you don’t remember how to zip your Wizard and upload it to your server, then we suggest that you go back and read our Complex Wizard Guide.

For uploading your Kodi 19 Wizard you may want to read over our How to upload your Kodi Wizard post.

After you have finished those steps proceed to the next section for creating the APK Text file.

How to create the APK Text file

The APK Text file is similar to that of a builds file. It contains all the information about your APK’s and tells your Kodi Wizard where to get them using the file.

We already have premade templates setup for you. To find your premade templates go to your plugin.program.YOUR WIZARD NAME folder. Open up the resources folder and then open up the text folder. Inside the text folder you should see several .txt files. These are your template files. We suggest that you never edit these files directly but instead make a copy of them for editing.

  • Copy the apk.txt file and paste/upload it to your server. We can edit this file directly from the server so there’s no problem with uploading the file first.
  • Open up the apk.txt file on your server to edit it. You should see the following information inside your apk.txt file.
 name="Example APK"
 description="A short description of the APK."

 name="Example Section"
 description="An example section."

The first part of this text shows how to properly create an APK while the second part shows how to make a section. We do not need the second part of this code so you can remove the following code from your APK Text file.

 name="Example Section"
 description="An example section."

You should now only be left with the first code. This code represents ONE APK. If you plan on having more than one APK then you need to copy and paste this code for each APK you plan on adding.

How to edit the APK Text File

Now that you have added the code for all of your APK’s it’s time to edit that information to represent your APK’s.

  • Beside name you need to add in your APK’s name
  • Make sure section is set to no
  • For URL you need to put in the URL where you APK is. If you are hosting your APK on dropbox be sure to change the 0 to a 1 at the end of the URL.
  • For Icon and Fanart, you can upload individule images for your APK to be used inside the Kodi Wizard. To do this you will need to create both a fanart and icon image. Basically the same as you did with your Kodi Wizard. Upload those images to your server and then post the URL location for those images in these sections.
  • Adult, set to either yes or no depending on if your APK contains adult content.
  • Lastly, set the decription for your APK.
  • If you are adding more than one APK you will need to do this for each of the APK’s

See our example below:

 name="Myfirestreams Kodi 19 App"
 description="Get the official Myfirestreams Kodi 19 App which comes preinstlled with our Repo    and Wizard"

Once you have finished editing your apks.txt file simply save your changes. If you did everything correctly you should now be able to see this information inside your Kodi Wizard.

Open up your Kodi Wizard on Kodi. You should see a new APK menu section titled APK Installer as shown in the image below.

APK Installer

When you click on APK Installer you will need to download and install the Kodi dependencies. Once that is finished you should see all of your APK’s listed there for install. Kodi will advise you where these files are saved and how you can manually install them if the installer fails.


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