Typhoon TV was forced to shut down

Typhoon TV Was Forced To Shut Down! Are You Concerned?

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It was recently reported that the popular TV streaming app, Typhoon TV was forced to shut down. This comes as no surprise as millions of cord-cutters have used this popular app to access both free movies and TV shows. It looks as though the Typhoon TV app was pressured into shutting down by ACE and as of now, their app is no longer in service.


The developer of Typhoon TV put out a statement that they were being pressured into shutting down their service. This statement was released on their official Discord server.

See their official statement below:

Hello guys, all people on this server. It was a long trip. When I say that I mean fully long and fun trip. Typhoon made some changes in the Streaming world and we became big players on world scene. If the world needs to know some things wouldn’t be without us. Why I wasn’t sending any messages or someone from my team?
Well since ACE contacted us before 1 or 2 months I am not sure, fully when but well we were hit as well. So we made some calls here, me and my guys. We will have to close down project, this isn’t my final world to the streaming world. I will be always here on Discord. World is one cruel place if you ask me. Why I say that in this time of world pandemic if you guys believe and I have proof we had over 7 million people on app!

So What is my last world? Guys I am sorry I knew it will happen one day but didn’t know when really to say.

All best from Typhoon TV Team, hope you will all understand.
Typhoon TV

As you can clearly see Typhoon TV is no more. With their claims of having over 7 million users, we can only speculate that their battle with ACE is far from over.


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Should you be concerned over the Typhoon TV shutdown?

It is hard to say. In the past when other third-party streaming apps shut down their developers cut a deal with ACE and turned over all of their data to them. This included usernames, emails, billing info, and more. Is it likely that the Typhoon developer will do the same? Time will only tell.

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