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Cinema HD Audio Issues on The Amazon Firestick/Cube? How to Fix It!

Cinema HD Issues

Are you currently having issues with Cinema HD Audio? Links not playing sound? This seems to be an issue that is ongoing and in some cases causes major headaches.

Most users tend to use a third-party media player rather than using the standard default Cinema HD player. This could be one reason you are facing audio issues when using Cinema HD.

Although players like MX Player Pro work great they do come with some issues. In most cases, the issues users face when using MX Player is a lack of codec. Although some of these settings can be directly edited within the MX Player settings panel this isn’t guaranteed to fix your issues.

There are two reasons you may be facing audio issues within Cinema HD. The first is the Media Player and the second is your device. In this guide, we will be showing you how you can fix audio issues within Cinema HD so that you can get your links to play audio.

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Cinema HD Media Player

As we stated earlier, most cord-cutters tend to use third-party media players for their streaming needs. One of the most popular media players is MX Player.

Although MX Player is great it can break certain links if not setup correctly. We will not be covering MX Player set up in this guide however we will be showing you how you can resolve missing audio when using third-party apps like Cinema HD.

To fix problems with Media Players:

  • Open Cinema HD
  • Scroll down the menu and select Settings
  • At the top, you will see an option to change Media Players
  • Select the Default Media Player
  • Change your Media Player to the default Cinema HD player (Built-in)
  • Return to the Cinema HD home screen and test out your new settings
  • When selecting a link you should hear the audio again if there was an issue with your previous media player.
Still having problems? Let us know!x

At this point, we are not 100% certain what is causing this issue within Cinema HD. It could be a codec issue within MX Player or a lack of support within Cinema HD.

You may need to try different media players to see which works best for you. Hopefully either Cinema HD or MX Player will fix the compatibility issue so that cord-cutters can resume using MX Player within Cinema.

Device Issues:

Devices issues are not uncommon and although they can be worrisome they aren’t a need for panic. Speaking on behalf of devices like the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube there are a few things that need reviewing to ensure you are getting the proper audio connections.

Best is not always the best! Ever notice your audio not syncing properly? No audio at all? These two common issues can be directly related to your device settings! Keeping in mind that the default or best-recommended settings are not always the best!

The Amazon devices have a dedicated audio settings option within their settings menu. Although these products do work well right out of the box they can cause issues later on. In some cases simply moving your device from one room to another can throw off your settings. In other cases, an Amazon update may cause an issue. No matter the case these settings should be looked at.

If you notice issues with missing audio or audio not syncing properly and you have already done the “media player” switch you may find that your device is causing the issue.

In the case where your device is the problem simply follow the steps below to try to resolve this issue.

Editing Amazon Fire device audio settings:

  • Open the Amazon Fire device settings
  • Scroll over to Display and Sounds
  • On the Display and Sounds menu select Audio
  • Select Surround Sound
  • You will see several audio options within this menu. By default, you should notice that the best available is selected. Remember the best is not always the best! This setting is ran by the Amazon device software and there could be a conflict between the software, device, and the tv you are connected to. It is recommended that you test each of the Dolby Digital settings to see which works best. As a last resort test the stereo option and finally if all else fails return back to the default setting and test again.

These methods are not guaranteed to resolve your audio issues however we have found that in most cases they do help when trying to resolve issues within Cinema HD or Tivimate.

No matter which app you are facing issues with it is highly recommended that you look into these settings before doing anything else. If you found this guide helpful please drop us a comment below letting us know!

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