Complete Beginners Guide Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Firestick Complete Beginners Guide **NEW**

Purchasing Your Streaming Device:

There are many devices in today’s market that offer optimal streaming services. With so many choices out there finding the right device for your needs can be very difficult. So where do you begin? To simplify your choices you should consider what you are looking for.

Most cord cutters tend to look for devices that offer decent speeds that can handle multiple applications without any buffering issues. When you first make the switch from cable to streaming you will want quick access to your favorite shows and movies without having to wait for several minutes for your device to load.

The Amazon Fire TV is the best device for any cord-cutter beginner. It offers optimal speeds with decent storage along with an easy-to-use interface. In this beginners guide, we are using the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as our device.

Your Purchase is Completed, So What Now?

Right out of the box, the Amazon Fire TV offers many streaming options. For a basic setup, all you need is to sign in to your Amazon Prime account on your device and from there you will have access to hundreds of shows and movies for free. Having content available as soon as you start up your device for the first time is great, but let’s make this device more cord-cutter-friendly.

Take some time to fully set up your device. This setup process will only take you about 30 minutes or less to complete depending on your internet speeds. As with any streaming service you want to have decent internet so make sure you have an internet plan that can support streaming. We recommend 10mbps or more download speeds.

What Should I Setup To Get The Most Out of My Device?

When you start researching how to set up your Amazon device you will soon notice that there’s a lot of applications out there and you will soon start to feel overwhelmed with all the choices. Don’t fear we have you covered!

In the list below you will find easy to follow step by step guides that will show you what you need to install and how to install it. We have spent months researching the best products for giving you not only an easy to use interface but offers the best services around.

There are two main applications we find the easiest to use for any beginner. No, we don’t recommend Kodi as a beginner’s main source. With the install of two applications, you can download the main apps that will give you not only a Kodi-like experience but as we’ve found it actually gives you a better hassle-free experience.

Please follow these guides in order so you can easily set up your device in under 30 minutes!

Complete Beginners Guide Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Download the “Downloader” app to your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV
  2. Using the Downloader app download and install Myfirestream Easy Builder App
  3. Using Myfirestream Easy Builder we recommend you download Freeflix HQ, Cinema, MX player, Mouse Toggle, TeaTV, ApkTime, and IPVanish.
  4. Looking for more APK’s? Check out our Install Guides for the best APK’s

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the downloader app and the Myfirestream Easy Builder APP. Using the Easy Builder App you can install all of your favorite APK’s by simply clicking download on the APK of your choice. Be sure to keep checking back to the Myfirestream Easy Builder APP as we are constantly adding the newest and best streaming Apps to the list.

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