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How To Prevent Getting Banned From Real-Debrid

As many of you are aware, Real-Debrid was recently hit with a DDoS attack which ultimately managed to shut down their services for a limited time. At the time of the attack, it was not immediately known as to who or what was causing the DDoS.

Real-Debrid did manage to get their services back up and running however they were faced with a DDoS attack again soon after. Upon further inspection, they were able to pin down exactly who and what was causing this DDoS. As a result, many users have been faced with a “temporary ban” to prevent this attack from reoccurring.


What was causing the Real-Debrid attack?

After the second wave of attacks on the Real-Debrid server, they were able to pin down exactly what was causing this DDoS attack. According to the Real-Debrid devs, it appears that the attack stemmed from a recently updated app. This new update was causing that application to resolve every link that is found.

This huge increase in traffic was basically overloading their servers just like a normal DDoS attack would.

Was this DDoS a direct attack against Real-Debrid? At this point in time, it doesn’t look as though that was the case. It looks like it was a HUGE ERROR on behalf of that app’s devs who improperly coded their application. Due to the improper coding, they ended up creating the perfect botnet whether intentional or not.

Real-Debrid Taking Action!

As a result, Real-Debrid is now taking action to stop this from recurring. Real-Debrid has blocked the Auto Resolve features that are enabled by default on many applications including Kodi, Cinema HD, and more.

Real-Debrid has requested that all users DISABLE any type of Auto Relove feature to ensure they do not get banned. In order to use the Real-Debrid service properly, Auto Resolve must be turned off. Failure to do so could result in a temporary ban which will prevent Real-Debrid service from working properly.

Although Real-Debrid has not officially made a statement as to which app was causing this issue they did provide us with some clues as to who it might be. They reported that the app in question was recently updated (2 days ago) at the time of the attack. Upon further inspection, we can see that Cinema HD (A well-known streaming app) had put out a big update during that time.

As many of you are aware, Cinema HD has the Real-Debrid service integrated into their app. This is one reason Cinema HD is so popular in the cord-cutting community. Using Cinema HD when paired with Real-Debrid has always made for the perfect streaming setup.

For now, it looks as though this was an error on behalf of Cinema HD. We cannot say for certain that Cinema HD was to blame but currently all fingers are pointing at them. Real-Debrid may be taking further action in the near future to block this application altogether.

Hopefully, the devs at Cinema HD can resolve this problem before Real-Debrid decides to remove their service from that application. We would hate for Real-Debrid to block such a popular streaming app.

What steps can you take to fix Real-Debrid?

To properly fix and keep Real-Debrid from banning you you only need to turn off the Auto Resolve feature inside your app’s settings. Again, this feature is turned on by default in most streaming apps and services.

Kodi users and third-party app users should take a close look at their current settings to ensure that the Auto Resolve feature is turned off. Failure to do so could result in a temporary ban which will prevent Real-Debrid links from being pulled.

How to turn off Auto Resolve in Cinema HD

  • Open Cinema HD
  • Click on Settings
  • Click the box for “Turn off premium links (Recommended).
  • If you are not able to click on the box to turn off premium links you may need to play a show/movie for a few seconds. After playing the content you can return to settings and should then be able to check this box.

How to turn off Auto Resolve in Cyberflix TV

  • Open CyberFlix TV
  • Click on settings
  • Uncheck “Resolve all links immediately”
  • Uncheck “Auto resolve HD links only”

Most of your streaming apps have this Auto Resolve feature enabled by default. We highly recommend that you go through each app to see if this feature is enabled. Same for Kodi users. You need to go through each add-on separately and ensure that the Auto Resolve feature is turned off.

This should prevent you from being “temporarily banned” from the Real-Debrid service. If you ensure the Auto Relove feature is turned off you should have no problem using Real-Debrid links.

If Real-Debrid takes further action we will be sure to keep you posted!

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