The Myfirestreams Telegram Channel | Out Now

We have decided to release the Myfirestreams Telegram channel so that our users can have an easier way to receive support and updates.

Over the past week, we have been overwhelmed with users reaching out to us in regards to our recent release of the Kodi 19 Wizard and Repo guides. Although we try to help via email this just wasn’t working. For that reason, we decided to try a more direct approach by offering live chat support.

The Myfirestreams Telegram channel will allow us to better serve you with your support questions/concerns. It will also open up the door to allow others to provide insight into those topics as well.

If you have not joined we highly encourage you to do so. Our support forms here on this website will remain active so that users can still reach us directly via email. However, we encourage you to take advantage of our Telegram channel so that you can receive faster support and updates regarding the latest streaming news.

By joining our Telegram Channel you will be the first to know about breaking news and updates regarding cord-cutting. Don’t miss out on some of the most important information! Stay up to date with Telegram!

New to Telegram?

Don’t worry! Telegram is an easy service to use and best of all it is FREE. Joining the link above will take you to our main Telegram Channel. This channel does not allow “chat” however you are presented with important updates, info, announcements, deals, and more. These posts do allow you to comment which in turn will take you to our Chat group.

The Myfirestreams Chat group allows for live chat, commenting, and more. These two pages go hand in hand. We recommend all users to join both channels however this is not required. If you only wish to stay updated on news then joining our Main Telegram channel will do you just fine. If you prefer to have more direct interaction with other members or for support then you will need to join our Chat group as well.

You can access the Myfirestreams Chat group by clicking on chat from our Main channel or by using the link below.

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