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Problems with Real Debrid Database

 The database migration has been completed. All Real Debrid services are currently running again as of 5/4/21. Your account should be credited with a free week of premium access. To get your RD services working again on third-party apps please clear cache and reauthorize the RD service. 

Real Debrid was hit with some database issues yesterday that rendered their site unusable. These issues have not only affected the Real Debrid website but their streaming links as well. Users have been reporting that streaming links are not processing. This has been confirmed through multiple third-party services.

The database issues seem to be taking a toll on Real Debrid at the moment. Currently, the devs at Real Debrid are in the process of doing an emergency migration to a new server. This migration process could take upwards of (+/-) 4hrs. to complete.


After the issues started yesterday the devs at Real Debrid planned on doing a planned database migration however these new database issues have forced them into doing an unplanned emergency migration. They are aware of how much of innocence this is so they are planning on compensating their premium members.

As a thank you for baring with them during this difficult time, the Real Debrid devs are giving a week of free premium days once their migration is complete. Real Debrid devs have always been good about supporting and keeping their users informed. Although we hate to see them go down and how it affects all cord cutters, we do appreciate their hard work in resolving these issues.

Check out the previous tweets in regards to their database issues:

Stay Informed

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