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Android Apps on Windows 11

Android Apps Coming To Windows 11 | Easily Sideload APK’s

Windows 11 has been getting a lot of negative feedback however, this has since changed with the announcement that Android Apps are coming to Windows 11. Windows 11 users will now have the ability to sideload their favorite APK’s onto the new OS as well as access APK’s from the popular Amazon App Store.

During last week’s Microsoft Windows Event, new details emerged that include the ability to install and use Android Apps on your PC. The Windows Subsystem for Android makes this possible. This however wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Microsoft reaching an agreement with Amazon to bring the Amazon App Store to Windows 11.

So what does this mean for cord-cutters?

This opens up the doors for cord-cutters to be able to access any APK on their PC just as they would on an Amazon device. With this new advancement, Windows users will have unlimited access to apps that were previously unavailable.

Although this technology is long overdue, it doesn’t come without some issues. Currently, there are many popular android apps that do not support this transition. Don’t let this discourage you though! Although some of the extremely popular apps are missing from the Amazon App Store they can still be obtained through sideloading methods. As for the missing apps from the Amazon Store, the apps developers have been given access to make their apps available to Windows 11 users. We expect that most developers will take advantage of this opportunity.

So not only do Windows 11 users get access to the Amazon App Store they also get access to sideloading. For cord-cutters this is great. Many of the most popular APK’s are not on the Amazon App Store and can only be downloaded via sideloading methods.

Microsoft did announce that this upgrade will take place later this year. Until this upgrade comes out cord-cutters and PC users can still use services like Bluestacks to sideload APK’s onto a PC.

Regardless of how long this upgrade takes, it is great to hear that these features are coming to Windows 11. Having the ability to install Android Apps onto a Windows PC has been long overdue.

Warnings about Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11

As with anything, users should be concerned not only with privacy but with security as well. Sideloading can be a harmful task if not done correctly. Many of these APK’s contain malware and other harmful viruses that can affect both your privacy and security.

We highly suggest that you ONLY sideload these APK’s from trusted sources. Installing them onto a streaming device like the Amazon Fire TV is one thing. Doing so on your main PC opens up a whole new set of issues.

PC users and cord-cutters can trust APK’s that are provided through the Amazon App Store. These apps are verified through Amazon. The only concern is with sideloading. Again, ensure that you obtain these Android Apps from trusted sources when sideloading them onto a Windows 11 PC.

Be sure to check back here for a full update/sideload guide. We will release this guide once the Windows 11 upgrade is out.

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