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Was Filelinked Shutdown? What happened to Filelinked? Stay Updated!

As of today, it looks as if Filelinked has been shut down. This information has not been verified as of writing this post. Many cord-cutters have been reporting issues with accessing both the Filelinked website and their app.

When users visit the official Filelinked website they are presented with the following message:

All associated accounts with the Filelinked devs have been closed as well. This leads us to believe that they were either forced into closing down or they decided on their own to shutdown. We hope this is only an issue with their website/database however it looks as if this is a full shutdown.

What can you do?

Filelinked closing down does not mean its the end of sideloading APK’s. Instead of using this service cord-cutters will now be forced into sideloading through direct links using apps like Downloader.

If you know the direct link to the APK you want you can use the Downloader app to install it. All that is needed is that you input the full download link in Downloader. It will automatically open up that link and proceed with the full download. This method is not considered the safest method however as of now this is what cord-cutters are left with until Filelinked comes back or a similar service becomes available.

Filelinked Shutdown Updates:

We are closely monitoring this situation. This closure is new so little to no information is available as we speak. Please follow this post to stay updated. We will be updating this post as new information gets released.

Update 6/22/21:

As of today, the Filelinked service is still down. There has not been any announcement regarding this shutdown. Due to the fact that not only their website is down but that their official Facebook account is now archived, we can only assume they have shut down for good.

Due to this closure, we are implementing new ways to install your favorite APK’s. This new method will use the Downloader App but will NOT require you to enter multiple URLs. Similar to Filelinked you will be able to access one page with all APK’s listed there. You can simply click on any APK to start the download.

Just like Filelinked, these APK’s are NOT hosted by us. You will be downloading these APK’s directly from the APK’s developer’s website.

This new install method will be up later today. As for the install guides on our website, it will take us some time to update these guides to show the newest install method. We ask that everyone be patient as we work through this change.

If any new updates come regarding the Filelinked shutdown we will update this post. Want to ensure you never miss out on important updates? Join our Newsletter and Telegram Channel!

Update Notice 6/22/21: New Filelinked Replacement App Released

Downloader APK

Since most of our reviews and guides have used Filelinked we were forced to come up with a new alternative sideloading method. To keep up with our goal of making cutting the cord easy we think we have found an easy yet efficient alternative to Filelinked.

Most cord-cutters use the Downloader App to get Filelinked installed. What better way than to turn the Downloader App into a “Filelinked App Store”?? We have done just that!

As of now, you can access our “Downloader App Store” using the Downloader App on your devices. You only need two things to get started.

  • The official Downloader App can be downloaded through your devices main app store
  • Lastly, you will need to install the “web browser” add-on for the Downloader App. This can be done using the Downloader App. Simply type in on the Downloader URL box and hit Go. This will automatically install the add-on.

Once you have that setup, the only thing you need to do is to type in the URL box our CODE: 10334

Downloader will automatically take that code and redirect you to our “Downloader App Store” page. On this page, you will find a list of 1-click APK categories. These categories will contain all APK’s we have covered here at Myfirestreams.

Simply click on any APK image to automatically download/install. Be sure to long-press the select button on your remote and save the page as a favorite. That way you will not have to reenter our code or URL. Also, please note that these APK’s are NOT hosted by us nor do we provide the service. These APK download links come directly from the developer’s websites.

We are currently still working on adding more APK’s. Keep checking back on that page for any new updates. Once we have finished adding our previous Filelinked APK’s to this new App Store we will then proceed to update our install guides here on this website. This is a time-consuming process so please understand it may take us a while to get things worked out.

We are still monitoring the Filelinked shutdown. This post will be updated as any new information gets released.

How to get APK’s without Filelinked

Since the popular Filelinked app is no longer working there are other options to get your favorite APK’s. Don’t let the Filelinked shutdown stop you. Although this shutdown is a hassle there are alternative methods that work just as well.

One of the most popular and easiest methods to sideload APK’s is by using the Downloader App. The Downloader app not only allows for direct downloading it also comes with a prebuilt web browser that can be used to download APK’s directly from the app’s website.

To get access to your APK’s downloads simply follow the steps below:

  • Download the Downloader App
  • Using the Downloader app you can search for the APK’s official website and download the app using their provided download link. This is NOT the easiest method as the Downloader App is not “remote” friendly. It can be done but there are faster ways.
  • To get access to the download links we suggest you use a PC and visit the APK’s official website. Once there you need to locate their download “button”. Click on the download button to ensure the APK downloads to your PC. Some websites have multiple download steps so be sure you find the button that actually downloads the APK.
  • Once you have located the correct download button you need to copy the link address to that button. On a PC simply right-click on the button and select copy link address.
  • Next, you will want to shorten that URL. To do this we recommend going to and pasting the URL there to shorten it. Paste the URL in the shorten box then click “shorten” to shorten your download URL.
  • Once you have a shortened version of the URL simply open the Downloader app on your device and type in the new shortened URL. This shouldn’t take long to type as the URL is short. Your download should start immediately.

Following this method does require that you find the APK’s official website. There are many clones out there and some downloads are NOT safe. To ensure safe downloading we suggest that you run a virus scan before you install that APK. To do this you need to copy the link address to the download and run a scan using VirusTotal.

We hope this helps you. Please be sure to drop us a comment letting us know if you found this guide helpful. We will be updating this post as more info becomes available. As for our guides, once we know that Filelinked is shutdown for good we will update out guides to show the new install methods. Until then feel free to use the “Downloader App” to gain access to your favorite APK’s.

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