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Real Debrid is currently down | Stay Informed with Myfirestreams

 The issue at Real Debrid have been resolved. Normally we would take down this post since they are no longer facing any issues however, Real-debrid has been having a lot of trouble this year. Most of their issue seem to be with database issues. Due to this we are going to leave this post up and update it anytime RD has issues. As for now 6/23/21 Real-debrid is up and running with NO issues. If you notice RD stops working check back here for updates.  

Problems with Real Debrid

The Real-debrid service is currently down as of 6/5/21. Currently, at this time we do not know what is causing this outage. When viewing their website you are presented with a warning that the site is undergoing maintenance. This however is not the case.

Under normal circumstances, the devs over at Real-Debrid normally keep their users updated on their Real Debrid Twitter account. As of now, there has not been any communication from the devs. Past tweets are also not showing up on their Twitter feed.

Over the past few months, the Real-Debrid service has been hit hard with issues with the most recent issue being a database outage. Hopefully, they can get these issues resolved soon!

What can you do?

As for Real-debrid there’s not much that can be done at the moment. They normally stay on top of these outages so we do expect services to return sooner than later.

If you are in need of services like Real-debrid there are other alternatives. You can check out some of these other popular services below:

Update 6/6/21

As of early this morning there are still no updates regarding the Real Debrid service. It is quite surprising to see that the devs at Real Debrid have not yet commented on this outage. How long we are going to have to wait is unknown.

The last major outage they faced was a database outage. This took nearly 24 hours to complete however, the devs stayed on top of things by keeping us informed. They also credited their current users accounts with a free week of their premium service.

Hopefully, once this gets resolved they will do the same. Keep checking back here for any new updates or follow us on Telegram to stay up to date on the latest news.

Our next planned upated notice will be 9am. Feel free to check their twitter account for any possible update notices from them. We will be covering all of this as it happens. As we suggested earlier, while you are waiting you may want to check out another service like ALLDebrid. They are currently offering a free 7 day trial.

At least with their 7 day trial you can get access to your premium links while waiting for Real Debrid to come back online.

Stay Informed

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