NBC Peacock coming to Fire TV

Will The NBC Peacock Ever Come To Amazon Fire TV? NEW UPDATE

Ever since the NBC Peacock app was first announced, Amazon Fire TV users have been begging for this app. Sadly, Fire TV users have not had any luck getting the Peacock app. Both Amazon and NBCUniversal have not been able to make a deal, which has kept this app away from Fire TV users.

Since no deal was ever made, cord-cutters who use Amazon Fire TV devices have been forced into sideloading this app. Sideloading in itself has brought on many issues for cord-cutters but this could soon be over!

Surprise Announcement Regarding NBC Peacock App and Amazon Fire TV:

Fire TV shared a tweet on its official account Tuesday afternoon, showing a desk from the NBC show “The Office,” with one of the most well-known pranks from the series. The caption says “Tomorrow’s announcement is NOT a prank”

It looks like Fire TV is hinting at a possible deal with NBCUniversal which could only mean that the popular NBC Peacock app is coming to Amazon Fire TV devices. Since this announcement is coming tomorrow it could mean that NBC Peacock is coming to the Amazon App Store as early as tomorrow!

We will be following this story closely to see if indeed that the popular NBC Peacock app gets released on Amazon Fire TV devices. Are you looking forward to this release? Let us know in the comments below.

NBC’s Peacock App Costs

The NBC Peacock app has a free tier with limited content. Peacock Premium is available for $4.99 per month. Viewers may also upgrade Peacock Premium to an ad-free tier for an additional $5.00 per month.

New Update! NBC’s Peacock App is coming to Fire TV!

As we stated yesterday, it looked as if Amazon and NBC had finally reached a deal to bring the Peacock app to Amazon Fire TV devices.

It has officially been announced that the Peacock app will arrive on Fire TV devices and Fire Tablets tomorrow June 24th. Cord-cutters can easily download this app directly from the Amazon App Store starting tomorrow. The days of sideloading Peacock are over!

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