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New Information About Myfirestreams Update

Myfirestreams website update is currently being rolled out. To kick off the new year we have decided to make some major changes to Myfirestreams. Some changes have already been implemented and moving forward you can expect to see more. In this post, we will be discussing all changes that have currently been made and what further changes you can expect.

New Focus at Myfirestreams

Myfirestreams have always been about how to make cutting the cord easy. Moving forward our focus is still on cord-cutting however we are putting more of a focus on Kodi. As many of you are aware, in late 2021 Kodi started to make a comeback for cord-cutters. With so many third-party APK’s facing issues cord-cutters have begun to move back to the Kodi platform for their streaming needs.


What does this new focus on Kodi really mean?

Simply put, the new Myfirestreams update will focus mostly on Kodi Builds and tutorials. One of our main focuses is on how cord-cutters can make their own Kodi Wizards/Builds. There are so many builds out there that are not friendly for all devices. This also leaves individuals to rely on the developers of those builds to keep them updated. With your own Kodi Wizard and Repo, you can easily manage your own Kodi experience which will give you the best streaming experience possible.

We are currently in the process of rolling out our guide on how to make your own single Kodi Repo/Wizard that works on both Kodi 18 & 19. This new guide should be out very soon! Don’t forget to join our newsletter so you never miss out on important updates! While you wait, feel free to check out our other Kodi Wizard and Repo guides.

Third Party APK Changes:

Myfirestreams will no longer be covering these third-party APK’s. These changes have already been implemented as we have removed all content related to any third-party APK. The only APK’s that we will cover are those that have been verified. This allows us to put more time into Kodi rather than trying to keep up with all the updates that are constantly rolling out with those APK’s.

Don’t worry! You can still find the information you are seeking by visiting the newly released Myfirestreams Forums!

Myfirestreams Forums:

Recently released is the Myfirestreams Forums. Our website users and visitors can find information relating to cord-cutting there as well as getting support. These forums are community fed so we ask that all of our users chip in and help other cord-cutters out. We have already set up categories for those streaming and support-related topics so feel free to log in and help out fellow cord-cutters.

How can you help? First and foremost anyone seeking help should not be afraid to ask a question. For those answering please understand that most people seeking help are new to the cord-cutting community and it’s up to us to help them out. So please feel free to post your discussions in our forums and help out those who are seeking support! Find a new streaming app, want to find out more information about an app? Let others know by starting a forum thread in the appropriate category.

Please keep in mind that download links are NOT allowed. You may post links to the sources website where users can gain even more information about the service. If these are unverified sources we do ask that you state that information so users are aware.

Want to help out even more?

Aside from our newly-released Forums, our website users now have the opportunity to connect with fellow cord-cutters. All website members now have the ability to add friends and private message. These actions can be done using your profile menu tab or by clicking on a user’s profile. We offer both private and public messaging so please ensure you are picking the right option for you when messaging another user.

The profile can also be customized with your own banner and avatar so please feel free to play around with your profile and make it your own!

Membership Level Changes:

Heading into 2022 we have decided to do away with our membership levels. With the new Myfirestreams update being rolled out we have already moved everyone into the subscriber roll that was previously a premium member. All content that was considered “premium members only” has now been made public. Myfirestreams is once again open to all cord-cutters!

Support-related questions will still be handled for our previous premium members. We ask that all questions be done through our newly released Forums. Our last change is with our premium members-only newsletter. With our new changes to the way we handle memberships, we have decided to stop our premium members-only newsletter. We are now only sending out ONE newsletter for all users. Premium members who had previously signed up for our premium newsletter have already been moved over to our standard weekly newsletter.

All newsletter subscribers can opt-out anytime by following the unsubscribe link posted on all newsletter emails.

For our previous premium members, we thank you for supporting Myfirestreams!

Still have questions about the new Myfirestreams update? Contact us today using our Forums!

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