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Trakt TV

Trakt TV – Should You Be Using This FREE Service In 2022?

Most cord-cutters have seen something relating to Trakt TV but many have yet to take full advantage of this great tool. In this resource guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Trakt TV service and how to use it.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember which TV episode you are currently watching? Even worse, a cord-cutters worst nightmare is having to uninstall a streaming app only to realize they have lost all of their saved favorites, including what has already been watched.


The Trakt TV service is a media tracking service that can easily help users sync up their favorite TV Shows and movies across numerous streaming apps. Keeping up with your watchlists and favorites is no longer a hassle. Let the Trakt TV service handle this for you!

What is Trakt TV?

Trakt is a platform that does many things, but primarily it keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch. It integrates with your media center or home theater PC to enable scrobbling, so everything is automatic. Some people even like to check-in using their phone so now that is possible with the official Trakt TV app.

Users can integrate their Trakt account within various applications to automatically track everything they are viewing. Integrating the Trakt TV service can easily be done on some of the most popular platforms and applications including:

  • Cinema HD APK
  • Kodi
  • Kodi third-party add-ons
    • The Crew
    • The Oath
    • and more…
  • Stremio and much more

In most cases, apps like Cinema HD and Kodi will keep track of what content you have already watched. They also allow you to store your favorites in a dedicated favorites section. What happens if you are streaming from more than one device? What happens when you need to install a new streaming app or lose your saved data on your current app? This is where Trakt TV comes in handy.

With Trakt TV you can easily keep up with everything and integrate it with most streaming apps and platforms. By signing into your Trakt TV account ( Which is FREE) you can instantly bring up your favorite playlists, watchlists, see what content has already been watched, see what’s coming out soon, recommendations, and much much more! Trakt TV will automatically sync up your content every time you launch your favorite streaming app.

Scrobbling is a great way to ensure you always stay updated on all of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Registering for a Trakt TV account:

The Trakt TV service is 100% FREE! They do offer their users the ability to upgrade their accounts to VIP status which does come with some more advanced features including support for no ads. We have found that upgrading your account to the VIP status isn’t really necessary unless you want to help support the Trakt TV developers. As you probably already know the costs to maintain such a service can be very expensive.

After trying out the free version of Trakt TV we highly suggest upgrading to VIP status to help support their efforts and to keep the Trakt TV service going for years to come. Again, this isn’t necessary but it does help!

How to signup for a FREE Account:

  • Next, fill out the required information including your email, username, and password.
    • You also have the option to signin using your Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts. We suggest that you manually key in your information instead of going through these automated signin processes.
  • Once you finish entering in your personal information click the Join Trakt button
  • Review the Trakt Terms and Privacy policies then click I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy box
  • Next, you can personalize your profile by changing your Display Name, location, time format, gender, and birthday.
  • When you finish personalizing your profile click the Next Step button
  • On this next step you need to select your favorite streaming services then click next.
    • If your app isn’t listed here don’t worry! Most streaming apps like Kodi and Cinema HD are setup to work with Trakt!
  • Trakt TV will now ask for your favorite movie cinema. Set the location to your favorite movie theater so that you can easily purchase movie tickets if you decide to in the future. Click next
  • Now select your favorite movie genres then click next.
  • Now you can now add TV Shows and movies to your profile.

This step can be time-consuming if you try to mark all of your previously watched content as “watched”. We suggest you start by adding your collections which are content that you own rather it be digitally or on a disc. Next, we suggest that you set up your Watchlists by adding content that you plan to watch. Once you watch this content it will automatically be removed from the Watchlists.

You can further customize your lists once you have fully finished setting up your profile.

  • Next choose which platforms you want to share your activites with (optional)
  • You can now either opt in or out of real time notifications
  • Next, click on the Continue To Dashboard button
  • At this point your setup process is complete.

At this point, we highly recommend that you set up the official Trakt TV App on your phone for easy access. Get familiar with how the Trakt website works, your profile, watchlists, creating lists, etc.

Once you have gotten familiar with the Trakt TV service then go ahead and finish setting up your watchlists and making your personal lists. When you finish adding your content using the Trakt website or app then you can proceed to activate Trakt with your favorite streaming apps.

How to activate Trakt on Kodi

Getting Trakt activated on Kodi can be somewhat complicated especially if you are using multiple builds, add-ons, etc. Some Kodi builds developers add shortcuts to the Kodi menu so you can easily activate Trakt TV with just one click. However, other builds/addons may require that you manually activate the Trakt service for each add-on individually. Regardless of how it’s done the process is still the same.

Activating Trakt through Kodi shortcuts

  • Open Kodi
  • Scroll through your Kodi homescreen menu and look for something relating to “Trakt Activate/Authorize” as shown in the example below

This particular Kodi 19 Build only uses two addons and the developers have added shortcuts on the submenu for each of the two addons. By simply clicking on each one you can easily activate and authorize the Trakt TV service.

  • If you see a shortcut on your Kodi homescreen for activating the Trakt TV service go ahead and select it. You will be presented with a popup to activate Trakt. Follow the on screen instructions for how to authorize Trakt

By using your phone or PC go to the listed URL and when prompted enter in the code that is displayed on your Kodi device. If you are not already signed into Trakt you may be asked to do so to finish the authorization. See the example below:

How to activate Trakt through Kodi Add-ons settings

As we previously stated, some Kodi builds do not have shortcuts and users must manually activate the Trakt TV service directly through the settings of the add-on. The same process applies as the previous. The only difference is where to locate the activate settings. In the example below we are going to use The Crew Kodi add-on.

  • Open up your favorite add-on in Kodi
  • Scroll down on the Kodi add-on menu and locate either “Tools” or “Settings”
    • Alternatively, you can long press on the Kodi add-on and select settings from the Kodi context menu

Some Kodi add-ons may have shortcuts listed here as shown below. If you don’t see a shortcut simply locate “Settings Accounts”.

  • Now, since The Crew has a Trakt Shortcut listed we could either click that shortcut to get the activate box or go through the “Settings: Accounts”. To keep this simple, we are going to go through Settings: Accounts.
  • Next, scroll through the account settings box and locate Trakt.
    • This could be located anywhere inside of the Settings: Accounts box so be sure to find the correct location depending on your Kodi add-on.
  • Once you locate the Trakt Accounts setting simply click on Authorization. This will bring up the same popup we showed earlier. From there you need to follow the on screen instructions to get Trakt Authorized.

How to activate Trakt on other apps like Cinema HD

Similar to Kodi, most third party apps will have the Trakt TV authorization setting located in the apps settings menu. For this example we are going to show you how to activate Trakt within the Cinema HD app.

  • Open Cinema HD
  • Click on Settings from the menu
  • Scroll down the list and select Account
  • Next, locate the setting “Login to Trakt TV” and select it
  • Similar to Kodi, follow the on screen instructions to get Trakt Authorized on the Cinema HD app

Is Trakt TV still worth it in 2022?

Absolutely the Trakt TV service is a MUST HAVE in 2022! Now, without this service, it would be a huge hassle to try to keep up with your favorite content, especially TV Shows with multiple seasons/episodes.

Some apps do offer a default setting for showing you which content has been watched and what hasn’t. So what would happen when those apps crash or do you need to install a new streaming app? How are you going to get all of your saved data back? Chances are you won’t!

With Trakt you can easily activate the service on any app and instantly regain access to your content! If you are not using the Trakt TV service then you are missing out. With their new Trakt iOS app out now you can easily search for content on your phone and add it directly to your watchlist without the need to search on your streaming app. Once you have it added you can easily pull up the content directly on the streaming app!

Don’t keep messing around with streaming apps default favorites and watchlists. Add the Trakt TV service today and enjoy!

Trakt TV’s F.A.Q.’s

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