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How To Get Shadow Kodi Addon For Kodi 19 Matrix (2022)

In this guide, we are going to show you how you can get the Shadow Kodi addon for Kodi 19. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the Shadow addon and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

So what exactly is the Shadow Kodi addon?

Shadow is an extremely popular Kodi addon that delivers TV shows and Movies. This particular Kodi 19 addon is rated as one of the best addons for Kodi 19. The Shadow addon can easily be installed on Kodi 19 Matrix.


Is the Shadow addon safe to use?

One of the most commonly asked questions is if the Shadow Kodi addon is safe and legal to use. Any Kodi addon that isn’t received directly through the official Kodi repository should bring some concern. Although some addons are considered safe and legal, others may not be. As for the Shadow Kodi addon, we cannot verify nor guarantee that this addon holds the proper licensing to distribute its content.

Shadow is considered to be one of Kodi 19’s best addons for accessing movies and TV shows. Since we can’t verify whether or not this addon holds the proper licensing we are listing this addon as an unverified source. It is up to the end-user to determine if indeed this addon is legal and safe to use. We highly suggest that any users of this addon only access content that falls within the public domain.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer:

Myfirestreams provides educational guides and reviews only. We do NOT verifiy if apps, services, or websites hold the proper licensing to distribute their content. Myfirestreams does NOT own, operate, or re-sell any streaming site, service app, or addon. Each person shall be solely responsible for media accessed and we assume that all visitors are complying with the copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Referenced applications, addons, services, and streaming sites are not hosted or administered by Myfirestreams.


How to install the Shadow addon on Kodi 19 Matrix:

Video Guide:

Installing Shadow is an easy process that only takes a few minutes to complete. Since this addon is a third-party addon we need to ensure that Kodi is set up properly before we can even begin installing it. By default Kodi only accepts known sources so before we can even start we need to make sure Kodi is programmed to accept unknown sources.

Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi:

  • Open up Kodi on your streaming device
  • Next, click on the settings icon
  • Locate and click on System
  • Scroll down and select Add-ons
  • Inside the add-ons menu option locate Unknown Sources and click it to enable it
  • A warning box will pop up. Click Yes to agree to enable unknown sources
  • Unknown sources has now been turned on which will allow us to install addons from third-parties. While we are still in this setting lets go ahead and turn on updates from “all repositories”. By Default updates are only turned on for Official repositories as shown below.
  • Just below the unknown sources option click on Update official add-ons from setting and select Any Repositories

Kodi is now set up and ready to use. Proceed to the next part where we will show you how to install the repository for Shadow.

Kodi Users Beware!

Kodi Addons and builds offer unlimited streaming content, but could also get you into legal trouble if caught streaming free movies, TV shows, or sports.
Currently, your IP Address is visible to everyone!
Kodi users are strongly advised to always connect a VPN while streaming online. A VPN hides your identity, bypasses government surveillance, geo-blocked content, and ISP throttling (which also helps in buffer-free streaming).
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Adding the Shadow Repository source:

We will now show you how to install the Shadow repository so that you can get the Shadow video addon for Kodi 19.

  • If you just completed turning on unknown sources from the steps above you can hit the back button one time on your remote to bring up the Kodi settings menu. If you are back on the Kodi homescreen just click on the settings icon.
  • Inside the Kodi settings menu click on File Manager
  • Next, from the File Manager menu click Add Source
  • Click on the first box <none>
  • Enter in this URL exactly how it is listed here – and click ok
    • This URL is hosted through GitHub. Myfirestreams is NOT affiliated with Shadow, Narcacist, or any other streaming website, service, app, or addon.
  • Next, select the Enter a Name box and name your source – .shadow and click ok
    • By placeing a . (dot/period) in front of the name it will automatically move our source to the top of the list. We always recommend using the dot/period before any name.

Installing the Shadow Repository:

Now that we have added our source URL for Shadow we now need to install the repository.

  • If you just completed the steps above you can hit the back button one time on your remote to bring up the Kodi settings menu. If you are back on the Kodi homescreen just click on the settings icon.
  • Select Add-ons from the Settings menu
  • Scroll down and click on install from zip file
  • Click yes on the warning box
  • After clicking yes on the warning box locate and click on – .shadow which should be at the top of your list if you use a dot/period before the name. If its not at the top just scroll down and locate the name.
  • After clicking on .shadow click on the NarcacistWizard repository (Home of the Shadow Kodi Addon) zip file
Magic Dragon Kodi Addon
  • Wait for the Narcacist Repo install message to appear. This message will appear in the top right corner of your screen. Once it appears the repo has successfully been installed.

Installing the Shadow video addon:

Now that we have successfully installed the Narcacist repository to Kodi we can now install addons from the repository. In this guide, we are installing the Shadow video addon.

  • Click on install from repository on the Kodi Add-ons menu
  • Scroll down your repository list and locate the Narcacist Wizard Repo
Magic Dragon Kodi Addon
  • Click on the Narcacist Wizard Repo and select video addons
  • On the video addons list locate Shadow
  • Click on Shadow and then click install
  • Wait for the Shadow video addon to finish installing. When it completes a pop up will appear in the top right corner of your screen.
    • As of writing this guide, currenlty Shadow does NOT have any extra dependencies needed in order to install this video addon. If a box does pop up asking about dependencies please click ok to proceed with the install.
  • Return back to your Kodi homescreen and select the add-ons menu category. There you will find your newly installed Shadow video addon. Congrats on successfully getting the Shadow video addon installed onto your device.

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