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Nvidia Cyberattack

Nvidia hit with a cyberattack? Services offline & possible data leaks

Nvidia has not yet released an official statement regarding a possible cyberattack, but it is currently being investigated. Nvidia was forced to close down parts of their systems such as email and developer tools.

We are investigating an incident. We don’t have any additional information to share at this time.

— Nvidia spokesman 

A potential intrusion might have compromised internal systems, forcing Nvidia to take down parts of their systems to prevent further damage. Sources at Telegraph claim that the mailing system was partially working on Friday though, but the company is not yet aware of the source of this intrusion.

Since part of their mail servers were turned off, it is possible that the company’s internal and confidential information might have been accessed. Again, it is currently unknown if there have been any data leaks as a result of this attack.

The cyberattack began almost at the same time as Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. Many countries around the world have increased security levels to prepare for potential cyber-attacks. The United States of America is still under a warning for possible cyberattacks. As seen with Nvidia, it looks as if these warnings are now coming to light.

NVIDIA now has to ensure that their systems are clean and that the software being shipped to customers is clean of any potentially malicious code that might have been added during the intrusion. This story is still unfolding and we expect more news relating to this attack in the coming hours. For more information about this attack and what steps are being taken please continue to follow this topic on our Insider community.

Source: The Telegraph

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