How Donating Helps Myfirestreams:

Myfirestreams is now accepting donations. All donations will be used to cover site expenses and to help continue to provide you with the latest and best streaming methods. We will always offer our content for free. Any donations made will only help cover expenses paid for by Myfirestreams. As the site and community continue to grow we will eventually upgrade our hosting servers so that we can offer you the best experience possible on our site. In the future, Myfirestreams will be building an App to simplify the install process of many of your favorite streaming Apps. Any donations left over after covering site expenses will be used to help cover the cost of building the App.

How Can You Donate?

To help Myfirestreams you can use the donate button below to donate to our site. You will have the choice of donating an amount of your choice. For those who wish to support Myfirestreams on a monthly basis, you can contribute monthly as well. The choice is yours. Myfirestreams would like to thank you in advance for helping cover our expenses in running and maintaining this site. Can’t donate? No worries! Simply help support us by sharing our content!