Is Myfirestreams affiliated with Area51 IPTV?

No. We are not affiliated with Area51 IPTV Service nor any other IPTV service. Currently, we are only offering educational install guides and reviews of Area51 IPTV

What do I do if I forgot my Area51 IPTV login?

If you forgot your login information you will need to contact support at Area51’s website

How do I install Area51 IPTV Service on an Android device?

To install Area51 please see our install guide.

What apps do you recommend I install on my device?

There are many apps out there however we have selected only a few of the top apps to use. These apps offer the best quality content and have the best selection of available links. To see our recommended apps please see our Easy Builder install guide. Our Easy Builder app contains all of the best streaming apps.

Are you affiliated with IPVanish?

Yes! We are partnered up with IPVanish. They are the best VPN service out there for all devices including the Amazon Fire TV devices. Please see our IPVanish review if you are unsure about whether or not IPVanish is worth getting. 

Do you earn a commission for ads on this website?

Yes. Currently, we are earning a commission from Ads. Any purchase made through ads on our website help support the cost of running and maintaining this website. 

Do you accept donations?

Yes. We do accept donations to help cover site costs and to help cover any future costs for new content. We hope to have our own app built in the near future so any donations will help cover that cost.

Are you looking for any content writers to help write posts at Myfirestreams?

We are not actively seeking any new writers, however, we would be willing to add more writers to this site. If you are interested in writing for us please contact us.

Do you test streaming devices?

Yes! We always test devices before we recommend them. We are also in talks with several companies to test their devices.

Is Myfirestreams a business?

No. We are only looking to help educate others so that they can get their devices set up for streaming. With years of experience, we only wish to pass on our knowledge to new users. Please be sure to read over our Terms of Service and other legal documents regarding the use of our website and information posted within this website.


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