Does Myfirestreams offer IPTV?

No. Myfirestreams does not provide IPTV services nor are we an IPTV provider. We cover educational reviews and guides for IPTV only.

Can you help me with my IPTV?

We do try to offer help with getting your IPTV setup via our install guides however we suggest contacting your IPTV provider for assistance as we do not provide the service.

I am not a premium website member, can I still view the premium content?

No. Certain content on our website is only for Premium Members. You must upgrade your account to a Premium Member Account in order to few that content.

Is the standard website account really free?

YES! The Standard Website Member account is a free account similar to that of a user account. Standard website members can’t see Premium content. You must upgrade your account to view that content.

What is the fastest way to contact Myfirestreams?

We offer email support, premium support, and Discord support. Premium Support is for our Premium Members only and Discord can be joined for free. If you need fast assistance we suggest joining out Discord Server.

Why do you charge for a Premium Website Account?

We wish we could offer all content for free. However, some of our content takes up a lot of time to create and the information included can’t easily be found online. We strive to offer the best content as well as offering content that can’t be found via a Google Search. We only ask for a small fee to help protect our content.

Can I get a refund from my Premium Account?

No. We do not offer refunds. This information is posted on the checkout form as well as the Terms of Service in sections 20&21 that were agreed to during checkout.

Why do I see two different style web pages for Myfirestreams?

We recently released AMP pages/posts for out website. This only shows for mobile and tablet users. If you do not like the AMP style web page simply remove /amp from the address or click “view non-amp” at the bottom of any page.

Do you offer phone support?

Sadly, as of right now we do not offer any type of phone support. The best support offered is either through contacting us forms or Discord.

I lost my password. Can you reset it?

Yes. If you are unable to login to your Myfirestreams Premium/Standard Accounts we can reset your password for you. You can also reset this yourself by clicking forgot password during login.

I want my website account removed

If you’d like to have your website account removed you can contact us directly for “full removal” or you can cancel your account via your Membership Account page.

How do I remove myself from the weekly Newsletter?

At the bottom of each Newsletter you can click manage subscription. From there you can unsubscribe from all emails. If you have trouble simply contact us and we will remove you.

More questions and answers will be added as needed. For more support please contact us.

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