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Kodi Builds

Custom Kodi Builds Explained:

A build is essentially a preconfigured Kodi file that someone creates. Builds are usually installed through a repository. These builds install tons of add-ons into your Kodi program. They preconfigure a lot of shortcuts to specific areas of add-ons.

The reason that many people use Kodi builds is that they are easy to install. They offer newer users a highly customized version of Kodi with many streaming add-ons already built in.


Many different builds have very specific sections. Some examples would be Latest Movies, Kids section, Adult Section and TV Shows.

Kodi builds are an easy way to get started using Kodi without needing to learn how to install repositories or knowing how to use Kodi.

Cons of Custom Kodi Builds:

  • Bloating Under-powered Devices- In many cases these builds contain an enormous amount of addons which end up overpowering smaller devices.
  • Broken Kodi Shortcuts- Shortcuts are set up by the build maker and although they make using Kodi easier they can cause issues. If the addon changes and does away with a certain section (example: Addon removes “movie”) then that “movie shortcut” will no longer work on your build.
  • Outdated Addons without Repository Updates- With a lot of builds they do not add the repository for the individual add-ons. This leaves the addons no way to update. Since Kodi add-ons are updated all the time this can be a huge flaw with some builds. You could find yourself updating your build to a new one every couple of weeks.

The Pros:

Although there are many cons listed here for Kodi Builds there are just as many pros. The Kodi market is flooded with builds. Finding the right build for your device and needs can be difficult. My Fire Streams has done all of the hard work for you. We only promote the best builds that are user-friendly and resource friendly for your devices.

We recommend using a Kodi builds only if you are an intermediate user. Installing builds can be somewhat tricky for new Kodi users so we only recommend this if you have prior experience with installing repositories.

So what are the pros of installing a build?

  • Custom Kodi Layout- With a Build you are getting more than just add-ons. You are getting a whole new Kodi experience. From Custom menus and shortcuts to custom background images and icons.
  • Pre Installed Add-ons- Builds take out the hard work of installing each add-on one at a time. You will get all of your favorite add-ons with just the click of a button.
  • Better Kodi Experience- Having access to more add-ons and an easier to use Kodi interface will make you enjoy Kodi a lot more. You will find yourself using Kodi and nothing else.
  • Exposed To Add-ons You’ve Never Used- Many of the add-ons in Kodi builds are other third-party add-ons that you may not be familiar with. These add-ons are sometimes rated higher than the popular add-ons like Exodus. You will find in many cases you will use the new add-ons more than the add-ons you’re already familiar with.

How Do You Know Which Build To Get?

My Fire Streams has taken the time to review the best and most popular builds. We will only recommend builds that are compatible with all streaming devices and ones that do not take up much RAM and memory to run. These builds are subject to change over time so please be sure to leave us a comment if you notice that any of the builds listed below do not work. If you reviewed our Cons for Builds you will notice that some builds are not kept updated. My Fire Streams will only provide builds that are kept updated so that you can ensure a flawless working Kodi. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Get the Myfirestreams Official Kodi Wizard:

Best Kodi Builds 2019:

Best Kodi Builds 2020:

  • Xanax (Included in the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard)
  • Plutonium Kodi Build 2020 (Included in the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard)
  • Nolimits Lite (Included in the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard)
  • Fire Lite (Included in the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard)

Protect Yourself While Streaming:

My Fire Streams highly recommends that you install and use a VPN every time you use Kodi or another streaming service. For more information please see our VPN Review.

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